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Made In Abyss – Otaku Review

Made in Abyss メイドインアビス made it’s debut in the second half of 2017. Based on the ongoing 2012 manga series by Akihito Tsukushi, a sequel is already in production but I’m jumping the gun. The 13 episode anime series is produced by Kinema Citrus. If that doesn’t give you an indication of what to expect here then allow […]

Ita Bags – Gallery

In Japan, a big part of otaku or weeb culture are what’s know as ita bags. Honestly you’ll probably either love of hate them, but I absolutely love them! Whether it’s jam packed or maybe a you’re just starting out with collecting, all ita bags are an adorable and fun way to show your love […]

Parasyte -the maxim ‘Kiseijū Sei no Kakuritsu’ – Otaku Review

Parasyte -the maxim (寄生獣 セイの格率 Kiseijū: Sei no Kakuritsu) is the anime adaptation of the 1980’s manga series Parasyte. The series, produced by Madhouse, first aired in 2014, over twenty years after the manga was first published. Parasyte -the maxim ran for 24 episodes before wrapping in 2015. The final English dub episode aired last year. Infection The […]

One Punch Man – Otaku Review

Heading into the Christmas season, there is nothing like a light-hearted anime to get the spirits going. One Punch Man is always my go-to anime for some laughs and it allows me to just unwind and watching something that doesn’t take itself too seriously. I realise most anime fans have probably gotten around to watching this […]

Yuri!!! on Ice – Otaku Review

So, in a previous Track Of The Day, I mentioned that Yuri!!! on Ice was a definite must see anime from this season’s currently airing choices. And one week and another episode later, my feelings haven’t changed at all! To quote myself again, “you’re one hundred percent, definitely, positively and completely missing out” if you haven’t […]

Twin Star Exorcists – Otaku Review

Monsters! Magic! Two heroes who clash over everything! A contrived twist to bring them together? Yeah Twin Star Exorcists has that too! Sōsei no Onmyōji or Twin Star Exorcists is based off an ongoing 2013 manga published by Shueisha. The series is adapted in English by Viz Media. This year saw it’s foray into anime and that was […]

‘Otaku Coordinate’ Trends In Japan

So you’ve probably heard of Lolita and even Ganguro style, but the newest fashion trend raising among teenage girls in Japan is, “ヲタクコーデ” or “Otaku Coordinate.” While asymmetric off the shoulder tops and straight leg jeans might be the latest fashion in our neck of the woods, “Otaku Coordinate” aims to imitate the “un-cool” and […]