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One Punch Man – Otaku Review

One Punch Man – Otaku Review


Heading into the Christmas season, there is nothing like a light-hearted anime to get the spirits going. One Punch Man is always my go-to anime for some laughs and it allows me to just unwind and watching something that doesn’t take itself too seriously.

I realise most anime fans have probably gotten around to watching this one by now, but if you’re like me and you’re always coming to anime several months (and yes, years – don’t judge me) late, then maybe you haven’t had the chance. I feel like it should be my job to spread the joy that is One Punch Man.

A Plot For Heroes

Admittedly, there is no shortage of superhero movies and TV shows these days. So at first glance, One Punch Man seems like it will fit into that genre and add to the already saturated market. However, a few minutes into the first episode and any preconceived notions you might have drain away. This is mainly from the story that Saitama tells. He explains that the reason he is bald is because he trained so vigorously to become a superhero. Right from the outset, you can tell this anime is doing something different and wonderful with the superhero genre.


One Punch Man centers around Saitama, our egg-looking protagonist who can defeat his enemies with a single punch. We see him fight creatures and enemies of all shapes, sizes and strengths and every single one crumbles underneath the tight fist of our hero. However, because he has not passed the correct tests, he is not classified as a superhero in the eyes of the district he lives in. Therefore, in order to get onto the Hero Registery, he and his apprentice (borderline-fanboy) Genos, a cyborg who has the potential to be a great superhero in his own right, must make the grade by proving themselves worthy, thus gaining the ranks to becoming recognised as the best superheroes out there.


Come At Me, Bro

Of course, I’m getting ahead of myself. Since Saitama does not even find out about the Hero Registry for the first couple of episodes, we are first introduced into some of the other heroes pottering about. We also get to see Saitama in action and can figure out what kind of person he is.

Don’t get me wrong, this is definitely a comedy that mocks the superhero genre in a sort of loving way. But, there is something interesting to Saitama’s characters that kept me heavily invested in his story. His mantra of always working hard is definitely a code to live by. However, despite wanting to be seen as a certified hero, Saitama is different to the other heroes we encounter within the anime. That is, he does not seek all the glory for himself, often relinquishing the credit to someone else in order to prove something. saitama

Saitama hardly ever seems interested in what he does. For him, he seeks a worthy opponent and that is the thing that keeps him interested. And that is what keeps me interested.

Comedic timing in this show is what keeps it going. With some random sequences, hilarious lines and fantastically fabricated comedic encounters, One Punch Man hits all the right notes. Plus, as soon as the Saitama cosplays started to crop up, and fans did what they could to look like the egg-head himself, I knew it was definitely worth it!

Worth My Day?

I love this show. It’s funny, while keeping enough of a plot going to keep you interested in the characters. The show never fails to keep the laughs going. Coupled together with some awesome fight scenes, One Punch Man has it all, really.

Not to mention that the opening title sequence is one of the best out there for an anime of this time.


I’m not usually a fan of comedic-type anime. Not because I hate to laugh or anything like that, but sometimes I feel like it just does’t do it for me. That is certainly not the case for One Punch Man. This anime is popular for a reason, and not because it is another superhero show we can sink our teeth into.

With the entire first season available in both English subs and dubs, if you haven’t gotten around to watching the anime yet, then you certainly have time to catch up before season two comes around! I honestly cannot wait for what  is in store!


Have you watched One Punch Man? What do you think? Let me know in the comments!