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One Punch Man – Otaku Review

Heading into the Christmas season, there is nothing like a light-hearted anime to get the spirits going. One Punch Man is always my go-to anime for some laughs and it allows me to just unwind and watching something that doesn’t take itself too seriously. I realise most anime fans have probably gotten around to watching this […]

Back Issues: Asinine Antagonists

In the words of King Arthur of Disney’s Sword in The Stone, “For every high, there is a low. For every to there is a fro.” The best heroes you will find in comics are those who have a constant reactive force of evil pushing their deeds of valor down with their malicious intent. A […]

Book Club Review: Flare

It’s time for new Heroes. Ryan Curtis is an almost average teenager. There’s just one small problem: his parents are superheros.Ryan just wants to be normal but instead his family life is full of danger, excitement and action, but then the traffic actions of a demented scientist means he has to go into hiding. Now […]