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Made Up TV Shows I’d Actually Watch – EwTube

Made Up TV Shows I’d Actually Watch – EwTube


Television has such a wide variety of the bizarre, the high concept and the downright crap that it’s easy to parody. We’ve gotten tons of laughs from movies, games and other TV shows which lampoon these ridiculous ideas by creating their own hilariously idiotic concepts. Some of these ideas however sound funny enough to me that I’d actually wouldn’t mind seeing them in real life. Here are a chosen few.

Seinfeld Babies

Part of what made Muppet Babies a great show was the references to other movies, shows and comics. Part of what made Seinfeld a great show was the ability to derive humour from everyday situations. This bizarre mashup from an episode of Muppets Tonight pays homage to both.

Football Cops

The only time I ever liked anything associated with Eli Manning, he and his immensely talented brother Payton are also natural comedic actors. The two quarterbacks seem like the perfect choice to star in their own TV cop show as, unlike most sports personalities, these two actually have a personality.

Dick Justice – Max Payne 2

Max Payne 2 poked fun at its predecessor in this brief little parody that I actually would like to see produced. Imagine. A show featuring everything great about Max Payne while poking fun at everything bad about it. Plus we get a funky soundtrack. And those metaphors are a thing of beauty.

Smithers, I’m Home – The Simpsons

When Mr. Burns took over all TV in an attempt to get his beloved childhood toy back, this is what happened. It always makes me laugh. Be honest. You would quite happily watch a sitcom all about the evil Monty Burns and his loyal assistant Waylon Smithers.

Also, I feel like I should give an honourable mention to one particular show.

Gordon Behind Bars (aka Cooking in Prison)

This does not really qualify as it is a real show and I never watched it. So why include it? Well in the late 90’s Norwich’s greatest export Alan Partridge had numerous ideas for his new television series. He pitched them all, unsuccessfully to BBC Commissioner Tony Hayers. Among some truly dreadful ideas (Inner City Sumo, Youth-Hostelling with Chris Eubank and, of course, Monkey Tennis) were three simple words. “Cooking in Prison”. It was dismissed as a terrible idea. Years later, Channel 4 commissioned it with Gordon Ramsay as the host. Arguably the worst thing he ever made, you know it would have been a much better show with Partridge presenting.