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Anime to Watch This Halloween

Anime to Watch This Halloween


Halloween is the perfect time for a few frights and chills. A time to sit and scare the pants off yourself and why should an otaku be any different? There is an abundance of anime out there to watch that will give you chills up your spine. In honour of Halloween we are listing some anime that are perfect to watch. Now if you are like me and a complete scaredy cat who hides when things get spooky, fear not this is a list that offers a wide range of different thrills whether it’s a more physiological, violent or down right frightening time.

Disclaimer, these are anime that I think are a perfect watch for Halloween, disagree? Then we want to know your ultimate Halloween anime?

#3 Puella Magi Madoka Magica

I can hear the sighs now, okay so yes this is a magical girl anime which on surface seems exactly like you would think. A cutesy and innocent series about young girls who have magical powers. If you think this, then you clearly have not sat through this entire series. Now there will be no spoilers here but this is not your typical magical girl experience.

If anything, it is the better to go into this anime thinking it is the usual magical girl anime as then the shock of it would be so much more effective. Thankfully it is a series (also film series) that even when you know what it is it will still shock you. If the psychedelic visuals or the sometimes-horrifying witches and deaths do not get you then it will be that twist towards the end. This anime gives a lot but also takes a lot yet it is a perfect option for watching on Halloween, it is also a short series or only 3 films which is always a bonus.

#2 Lain/Monster

18793lSo Serial Experiments Lain and Monster take an equal spot on this list since they both fall under the same genre of horror anime. Both these series are most definitely under the banner of psychological horror where the intense horror builds throughout the entire series. Where they differ is only in the story. In this case I would more so have to give the edge to Lain and only because it is a shorter series.

Monster is a fantastic series, if you ever have the time to get through it is highly recommended. It may be a long series but there is basically no filler and with every episode there is a genuine story progression or character development with some of the best writing an anime has had in a while. It’s no wonder it has become a classic for fans to watch around this time of year. The edge goes to Lain where it is a shorter series so you get to the psychological end sooner but you will probably need to watch it a few more times to fully understand the cyber, mystery and psychological whirlwind that this series takes you on. If you in the mood for some mentality bending psychological horror, then these two series could be for you.

Honourable Mentions:

It would be a crime not to give mention to some of these anime that would also be perfect to watch this Halloween. For those looking for some mindless violence but sometimes with a twist should check out Highschool of the Dead, Tokyo Ghoul and Elfen Lied. If you’re in the mood for a more classic anime why not check out Vampire Hunter D or Akira.

#1 Hellsing/Hellsing Ultimate

It would not be Halloween without one of the classic horror monsters, now this was a genuine tossup between both Hellsing series and Vampire Hunter D but Hellsing won out simply due to a preferred preference. This series has all the aspects of a good Halloween anime since it has action, gore, comedy and fantasy.

Whether it is the original series or the Hellsing Ultimate you decide to watch then you are in for an action-packed horror adventure. This series brings together all aspects of vampire lore from Stokers Dracula to new age conspiracies. In both anime adaptations, they manage pack so much into ten and thirteen episodes. What is best about this series is the flow from villain to villain and Alucards reaction to them and how they are beneath him but once he finds a worth opponent we see his true horrifying power. For me this is the best anime to watch over Halloween.