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‘Otaku Coordinate’ Trends In Japan

‘Otaku Coordinate’ Trends In Japan


So you’ve probably heard of Lolita and even Ganguro style, but the newest fashion trend raising among teenage girls in Japan is, “ヲタクコーデ” or “Otaku Coordinate.” While asymmetric off the shoulder tops and straight leg jeans might be the latest fashion in our neck of the woods, “Otaku Coordinate” aims to imitate the “un-cool” and “un-stylish” anime nerd.

Some key staples of this style are checkered button down shirts, bandanas, and large oversized glasses. Some girls also choose to braid their hair in a pigtail style, or wear loose, belted high-waisted jeans while tucking the shirt in. Multiple YouTube video tutorials even exist to show viewers how to successfully pull off the style.

Unusual Style

One girl, Kazuki Kaki, a 19-year old university sophomore student was interviewed while she was out shopping at a discount clothing store in Shinjuku, Tokyo at the end of May. She described the trend as an “…unusual style that isn’t seen very often, and I find that appealing. It’s fun to be a little unfashionable.” And we have to agree! Style is a personal thing, and to each their own, so really the only thing that matters is that you yourself feel happy and comfortable in whatever you choose to wear. Whether that’s this season’s new fashion trends and colours, or something a little more out there and unique!

If you search the term “ヲタクコーデ” on Twitter or Instagram, you’ll discover some of these adorable looks!

Words by Lucy Ward