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Style Saturday: White Walker Winter Wonderland

Style Saturday: White Walker Winter Wonderland


If you know nothing about liquid latex, stop reading this article and click here instead! The link will take you to an earlier article where we looked at how to use liquid latex for special effects makeup. If you’ve read it or are already pretty versed in it’s use then read on!

I love the cold! I like Game of ThronesI If you were ever to find me in the world of Westeros chances are you’ll catch me up north beyond the Wall, dragging my delightfully frozen carcass across a frozen Tundra (I’d prefer to walk than ride those disgusting spider horse beasts they use).

While I can’t claim to be the greatest GoT fan, I’m well behind on the TV series and I only picked up the first book, I’ve always enjoyed the look of the White Walker and today we’ll be foregoing our usual fashion ensemble and glamour pouts for some winter inspired special fx makeup!


So this is what you’re going to need! I couldn’t get my hands on black face paint for the look and no dark blue and grey are not ideal but they’ll work when you use some heavier eye shadows to do your shading.

Vaseline is a must here, you’ll need it to cover the eyebrows from getting caught in the latex (seriously if you’re going to skip this step on your eyebrowless head be it!). You’ll need some talc, cotton wool and tissue paper for the latex.

Start by cleaning the face, just use some warm water and soap to strip away any excess oils and dirt. Then using a disposable sponge, draw out the bone structure with latex, you don’t have to make fine lines here so don’t worry about getting this perfect. As this is close to the eyes, make sure your model keeps theirs closed to prevent irritation and work in a ventilated area to minimise the smell.

Now you’re going to want to start rolling tissue paper into thin pipes and applying them to the face, shaping out bone structure and matting them with latex.

Repeat this step several times – this will help the rest of the features look more sunken.

Once you’re happy, taking some of the white face paint and a clean sponge and cover the face, dabbing over the latex gently so you don’t pull it from the skin. Bring the white paint in around the ears, up toward the hairline and down onto the neck and shoulders.

Then using talc, set this paint and to add to the pale of the look.

From here on out it’s up to you, using blues, greys and hopefully black (grumble) bring some life, light and shade to the look. Once your happy take a step back and check the look, if you’re happy to proceed then off with you into the frozen Tundra, if not plant your frozen butt back down, there are still some tricks we can do!

Taking a white eyeliner, line the waterline of the eyes, straight away your look looks much cooler. Using a fine detail brush (please someone give me a fine detail brush) draw dark thin lines outwards from the lip, let dry then blot with a little talc to take the sharpness out of them.

Lastly you can take some dark blues and heavy grey eye shadows to sink the eyes more, blending the grey from the inner corner of the socket outwards into the dark blue.

Winter is here!


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