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10 Things To Do This Bank Holiday Monday

10 Things To Do This Bank Holiday Monday


Yes! You’ve just woken up and realised that you’re not desperately late for work (I’m so sorry if you’re forced to work today!) No, today is a glorious bank holiday and, if you haven’t got a list of things a mile long to do today, then don’t worry – I took the liberty of writing it up for you.


You will not find any of the above in this list, in fact if you have to go out at any point, might I suggest phoning a beloved family member or someone you can blackmail into doing it for you. Poor planning leads to you having to deal with the outside world… try not to let that happen for the next bank holiday!

From survival to action plans, you’ll find what you need to do here. On with the list!

Hang Out With MatesMM_gif

Make them come to you – snacks, new games and shows are your best weapons when it comes to enticing loved ones to visit. Failing that, fake an emergency to get their love and attention.

Games Are For Life


You know you have commitment issues when your stack of half-played games, unopened boxes and piles of random Steam receipts is bigger than your list of lovers. Deal with them one ex game at a time!

Clean That Collection


Listen, it has to be done! Stop being a filthy monkey and dust those figures. Wipe those picture frames! Air those wall hangings! Filthy, filthy little monkey!



If your collection of games is anything to go by, your list of unbroken spines (only monsters snap book spines!) and un-creased comics is just as long! Pick up a book and learn something!

Anime Marathon


Yes, we’ve all been lying to Céire about keeping up with her Otaku Digest. Now’s the perfect time to actually catch up!

Revenge On The Players


So he/she thinks that by mortally wounding your long term NPC that they’ve won? Haha! Hell hath no fury like a GM scorned!

MOBA Training


If you don’t put in the hours and seething rage then you can’t reap the results… or that ulcer! It’s all about the fun though…

Finalise That Cosplay For DCC/MCM


Do not leave this to the last minute. Laura said! Emma said it! Lauren said it! Finalise that cosplay now!

Food Is The Most Important Meal Of The Day


Do not go outside to get this! Either have it delivered by a paid professional or, alternatively, force a friend/family member to feed you.

Groom Your Self


If your dusty collectibles are anything to go by, then you may need to freshen up. Not everyone appreciates the aroma of a movie marathon or gaming session.

The Bank Holiday is over but, fear not, there’s another one just around the corner… in October! Joy!