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Gif Essay: Cosplay Pitfalls

Gif Essay: Cosplay Pitfalls


1. Having too many ideas

There are a lot of people who will tell you being full of ideas is a good thing. These people have clearly never had to go through the time and preparation it takes to bring a character into the real world. Sewing and craft time aside, there’s still a lot of time you have to devote to a character in order to do them justice. Which reminds me…

2. Spending more time looking for reference pictures than actually making it

This is a pitfall pretty much everyone falls into, especially when you’re new to the hobby. But hey, you need that 360 shot of the weapon so you know exactly where to scratch the battle damage!

3. Running out of time

Ok, so you just went to a convention in your best civilian chic outfit, and you’re raring to go get yourself a sewing machine and throw yourself into the wonderful world of cosplay! You plan the fabric, find a pattern, get reference pictures, the whole thing is totally planned… and the next convention is next week.

4. Procrastinating

“I can sew this tomorrow! I’ll just spend my time reviewing the source material instead for research!” A.K.A. “I’ve played this game for far too long and now I need to sprint my way through sewing tutorials because I am a fool!”

5.Using a LOT of material

i need it
It’s inevitable. In cosplay, more so than actual dress making, you’re much less likely to get a clear cut pattern. Which means a lot of time searching for said pattern and coming up with about 50 wrong ways to do it. If you’re new to this hobby, take my advice and buy enough material for wastage. Or, at the very least, practice on an old sheet!

6.Running out of money

spend less money
No one ever said this hobby was cheap. Unless you wanna go as Minecraft Steve, that is.

7. Gluing your everything to your everything

This one needs no explanation. It will happen. Embrace it, just don’t embrace anyone else unless you want to re-enact a terrible version of Stuck on You.

8. Burning yourself with a glue gun

i burned my hand
Who knew having a gun hot enough to melt a glue stick would also burn flesh!? The worst part is, a lot of the time it lures you into a sense of false security, appearing only mildly warm at first before punishing you for your insolence. The glue gun is a novice cosplayer’s cruel mistress.

9. Getting blood on your cosplay

Okay, maybe it won’t be as bad as the above gif, it’ll be more like a tiny prick, but sewing needles can technically be classed as deadly weapons in certain circumstances…

10. Having needles literally fly at you

lenny's eye
This is one I was not prepared for, but has happened to me with an alarming frequency. Apparently whilst operating your sewing maching, the sewing needle may simply decide it’s had enough of your shit, and snap off, flying in any ol’ direction it wants. Just pray the direction it wants is not a beeline to your iris.

11. The machine will break

crying gif
I’ve lost count of how many times my sewing machine has just decided ‘You know what, I don’t wanna work. I think I’ll just get all your thread wrapped up in my insides instead’.

12. Your workspace will be a mess

I swear, my desk was clean! But that was before the fabric scraps, the melted pieces of worbla, the glue stuck everywhere (did I mention everywhere?!) and the paint stains.

13. Your cosplay is gonna fall apart mid-convention

Again, embrace it, for it will happen whether you like it or not. Just be ready with duct tape and a pocket sewing kit and pray to the almighty Kamui that it doesn’t happen on stage during the masquerade!

14. Wearing a winter cosplay in the summer, and vice versa

Sad fact, not all conventions are planned around the perfect time of year for your cosplay. You will either freeze to death or sweat your own weight in water before the cosplay experience is fully complete.

15. Public Transport whilst in costume

costume bus
I’ve done this. You wouldn’t believe how panicked some bus drivers get when they see someone with a metre long fake sword getting on their bus. However, you can always tell how close you’re getting to the convention by how many Hatsune Miku wigs you can see occupying the seats around you.

16. Trying to remain in character, whilst also maintaining your sanity

This is a double edged sword. Because, as I said, you will undoubtedly have to interact with non-con people while in costume, be it a bus driver or the till boy at Subway. Staying in character is an admirable trait that leads to some seriously epic displays of cosplay, but if you get so wrapped up in your character that you forget the poor boy giving you a sandwich doesn’t know why you’ve started monologuing, you may be asked to leave the store.

17. Not everyone will appreciate the effort you put in

Sadly, there are always going to be people claiming your cosplay is not authentic, or close enough to the character or, god forbid you’ve decided to go as someone outside your body shape/gender/skin colour, however…

18. Those that do appreciate it, will let you know

friends - group hug
And this is why we love to cosplay. Whether you’ve spent days or weeks or even months working your butt off for this cosplay, I guarantee it’ll all seem worth it when you get out there to show it off. Screw the haters, you’re fabulous!

Thumbnail image: pandalberto.deviantart.com