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Artist Spotlight: Katie Tiedrich

Artist Spotlight: Katie Tiedrich


1654The name of the artist mightn’t ring too many bells, but what if I said Awkward Zombie? Better? Thought so! For those who don’t know, Awkward Zombie is a video game themed weekly webcomic that’s been going since 2006. In 2012, a Kickstarter campaign was started to raise funds to print a compilation of the comics. This was a huge success that was over 1000% funded.

A very unique touch about Awkward Zombie is that some of the comics are actually written by members on the forums. Members are allowed to pitch ideas they have, and if she likes them, Tiedrich will create a comic based on the post. This is a great thing to do as it really gives fans and community members the chance to really engage with a comic they love.

Strangely enough, art and Awkward Zombie aren’t Tiedrich’s full-time job. She’s actually a rocket scientist, would you believe! Where she finds the time to actually create this comic is a mystery!

So why should I read it?

Do you play Pokémon? Legend of Zelda? Animal Crossing? World of Warcraft? These are only some of the games that feature in the comic. Awkward Zombie highlights some of the more ridiculous moments and situations in gaming that each and every one of us can relate to. Anything from breeding Pokémon to trying to get a haircut in Animal Crossing can appear in these amazing comics. 

Tiedrich’s style is unique and simple, but extremely expressive, which matches the writing perfectly. I’ve included 2 of my favourites to give you a taste for it!

Read it all over on the official website.

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