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Titanfall 2 Review – We Dig Giant Robots!

Titanfall 2 is the successor to the at one time over-hyped, and now overlooked, Titanfall. While the original was critically well reviewed, it never quite caught on with the masses. The gameplay was solid, the maps were well designed, the controls were extremely responsive. Surely a game with all these great features (And giant robots to boot) […]

Review: Titanfall (Xbox 360)

You narrowly evade a cluster of rockets fired from a lumbering, metallic Titan intent on death and destruction. Wall-running,  you jump back and fourth from the nearby surfaces gaining momentum in a bid to gain a vantage point over the machine. Lunging towards the roof of a smouldering building you manage to clamber directly above […]

Weekly Recap 23/03/14

https://www.the-arcade.ie/2014/03/flappy-bird-to-return/ https://www.the-arcade.ie/2014/03/guitar-band-and-dj-hero-dlc-set-to-retire/ Persona 3 Midsummer Knight’s Dream movie gets a new trailer A brand new trailer has been released for the second in the Persona 3 movie series, Persona 3 The Movie: #2 Midsummer Knight’s Dream. The last film, Persona 3 The Movie: #1 Spring Of Birth was released in Japan in November last year, but has yet be […]

At a Glance: Titanfall Beta

Welcome to “At a Glance”, where first impressions of a title mean everything! Today things are a little different as we are looking at a game currently in development via an open Beta. All criticism is not final or towards the final product, just from the Beta. So without delay, ladies, gentlemen and lumbering humanoid […]

Titanfall Beta Had 2 Million Players

The Titanfall beta started last week, by the time the beta ended on Feb. 19, around 2 million people played the game, told to Polygon by Respawn Entertainment’s community manager Abbie Heppe . Respawn engineer Jon Shiring said that the Titanfall beta was an important test for Xbox Live compute, Microsoft’s cloud computing technology. “Forza used it a little bit, but […]