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Review: Madden NFL 15

The Irish response to American Football is 99% of the time “Rugby for babies” which up until now what I’ve been led to believe – even after reviewing last year’s Madden 25. Each game in every Madden always had a fifty percent divide between great tactical fun and extreme boredom matched with spongy physics. That […]

Upcoming Harry Potter Short Story To Be Released On Halloween

Voldemort may be the flagship villain of Harry Potter but it’s Professor Dolores Umbridge that makes the skin crawl and the blood boil! So there’s no better time for the release of a short story exclusively focusing on her than Halloween! Umbridge: Origins is set for release on October 31st via Rowling-sponsored official Potter fansite Pottermore, […]

New Uncharted 4 Concept Art

From developer Naughty Dog and Dark Horse’s upcoming book The Art Of Naughty Dog comes two concept images showing what looks like to be our ultimate mancrush Nathan Drake exploring a sunken city and a storm-ravaged beach. Little is currently known about Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End other than that Drake is a now much older man […]

Minecraft: Xbox One Edition Launching Retail November 18th

With Microsoft’s recent purchase of Mojang for a cool $2.5 Billion, they have confirmed a physical copy of the game will be available on November 18th. Digital copies of Minecraft are currently available on the marketplace and for those who previously owned a digital copy of the 36o version, a digital upgrade is available for €5. “Minecraft fans […]

Review: NHL 15

I’ll admit right here – I’m a huge nerd. My experiences with Ice-Hockey are exclusive to: a Toronto Maple Leafs hat and the Mighty Ducks. So why did I bother take the opportunity to review NHL 15? Take a look at the sport of Ice-Hockey: men covered in armor with blades on their feet gliding around a […]

What is the Village Carnival?

The Village Carnival was up until recently completely unknown to me, now having attended it was without a doubt one of the best experiences I had this year. So what is the Village Carnival? I sat down with one of the lovely co-ordinators Orla to answer just that. What is the Village Carnival? The Village Carnival […]

Richard Attenborough Passes Away Aged 90

At lunchtime on Sunday (24th August) beloved British actor Richard Attenborough passed away, as confirmed his son. Perhaps best known for the 1963 World War 2 thriller The Great Escape, Steven Spielberg’s unforgettable Jurassic Park  and the 1994 remake of Miracle on 34th Street, Richard has had a long and much celebrated career in the […]

Those Terrible Batman Games

  Mention a Batman videogame today and people will gleefully reminisce about stalking the streets of Arkham City, masterfully kicking the crap out of crime. But there was a time before Rocksteady gave us the game we deserve, and we were left with some of the worst games ever made. Batman – 1986 The Dark […]

Interview: Little Tents

During the week I had the pleasure to sit down with members of the promptly emerging Indie-Rock group Little Tents. Sitting across from me in a dimly-lit cafe in a Limerick side street is drummer Conor Wallace and guitarists Aoife Donellan and Cian McGuirk. Unfortunately, between other commitments and rehearsals  members: Aisling O’Connor, Gill McNamara and Laura […]

Celebrate Independence Day With Grand Theft Auto!

What says Murica’ louder than a firework rocket launcher?  The Independence Special is a brand new limited-time update for Grand Theft Auto Online. Themed after 4th of July festivities, the pack includes over-the-top Vehicles like Monster Trucks and Captain America’s distinctive easy-rider motorcycle, excessive weapons like the Fireworks Launcher (no really!)  and a ridiculously over-powered musket and what would […]