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Release Roundup 16/03/14

Release Roundup 16/03/14



 Missed a big release? Don’t worry, I have you covered with the release roundup from the week – the big ones to the little ones!


This weeks biggest release is undeniably Respawn’s first title and change for FPS as we know it, Titanfall for the Xbox One and PC. Critics and fans of FPS alike are in love with Titanfall right now, with only a few choice complaints given. After my experiences with the public Beta a few weeks ago, I can say the game played phenomenally. The game blends expertly formulated Free running shooting with a insanely powerful Mech combat system. With such drastically different play styles, you would think the game feels unbalanced in multi-player, but somehow Respawn have perfected the online battle system with this latest title. I am also glad that Titanfall is not afraid to be a shooter that is mainly just focused on online play. While the game does have online campaigns(which really are not that great, and actually are mandatory to play through to access types of Titans) they really aren’t what you are here for, its the online matches. Many would call Titanfall a benchmark in terms of how FPS play, look and feel, and I would that to be true, as Titanfall is just pure twitch based shooting at its finest, mixed with the power fantasy of controlling a Mech, its old school FPS with massive robots, everything is right in the world.


 The other big title of the week is the long awaited sequel to the 2011 torture simulator, Dark Souls with Dark Souls II coming to PC, Xbox 360 and PS3. Fans and critics are in love with Dark Souls II right now, with nobody saying anything bad about the title. If you played the original title(my copy has been sitting in my Steam library for some time now) then you know exactly what you are in for, tough yet fair combat that rewards death through learning. The original garnered itself quite the image of a impossible, rage inducing series of deaths to insanely difficult enemies, and that’s exactly what Dark Souls II is. So if you loved the dark, depressing and unforgiving world that Dark Souls made, then you will love Dark Souls II. With more new weapons, enemies, bosses and vague yet interesting characters, Dark Souls II is sure to itch that need to die over and over again that you may have missed.

Cypress Inheritance: The beginning-PC-10th March

Mount & Blade:Warband-Android-10th March

1954:Alcatraz-PC/Mac-11th March

TowerFall:Ascension-PC/PS4-11th March

Surgeon Simulator-iPad-13th March

Titanfall-Xbox One/PC-13th March

Dark Soul II-Xbox 360/PS3-14th March

Darksider Collection-Xbox 360/PS3/PC-14th March

Red Fraction Collection-Xbox 360/PS3/PC-14th March

Yoshi’s New Island-3DS-14th March