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Disney Play Is On the Way

Watching our favourite film and TV shows is getting easier and easier these days. We’re living in the wondrous age of online streaming which, from Netflix to Amazon Prime has made access to entertainment content simpler than ever. Now, Disney joins the fray as they announce the creation of their own streaming service. Disney is […]

FunimationNow Release Hype Reel Preview

As if anime fans were not excited enough for the upcoming launch of FunimationNow , the online streaming service. They certainly will be now with Funimation releasing a 50 second Hype Reel video on YouTube. The reel highlights just a few of the anime series that will be available to stream on the service including massive titles […]

Spotify Acquires Dublin Based Startup Soundwave

Irish mobile music app Soundwave has been bought by the music streaming giant Spotify. In addition to this acquisition Spotify has also bought New York based Cord Project, which designs and builds audio products for connected devices. Soundwave which is based in Dublin founded in 2012, allows users to discover new music by letting them create […]

OnLive Now Available in Ireland

OnLive, the leader in cloud gaming services has expanded it’s business and reach into regions and now Irish gamers can avail of the service. Many of us are aware of the TV streaming service Netflix, well OnLive provides something similar but for games. Whether you’re interested in Civ V, Batman Arkham City, Bioshock Infinite, classic Arcade […]