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OnLive Now Available in Ireland


OnLive, the leader in cloud gaming services has expanded it’s business and reach into regions and now Irish gamers can avail of the service. Many of onlive-logous are aware of the TV streaming service Netflix, well OnLive provides something similar but for games. Whether you’re interested in Civ V, Batman Arkham City, Bioshock Infinite, classic Arcade games or MMOs, there is something for everyone!
OnLive accounts are free to set up and include a free 7-day trial. OnLive’s PlayPack subscription includes a library of over 250 games that can be played anywhere on virtually any connected device and costs €7.95 per month.
The new CloudLift subscription costs €5.95 per month and enables users to play the latest digital PC games and big-name MMOs from multiple devices, instantly, without having to download them, and at the same time leveraging the power of OnLive’s gaming servers.
The OnLive Games Bundle subscription combines both offerings for a discounted price of €9.99 per month.
For more information and to begin availing of OnLive, check the official website.