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Sony Sets Sights On Cable TV direct to Playstation


It’s been all rumour up to now but it’s official. Sony are launching their own internet based cable TV service, Playstation Vue; complete with an on-demand feature and so far to be available on Playstation 3, 4 and the Ipad.
Its currently only in the beta-testing stages but looks set to be one to be a strong contender with a number of popular networks already on-board. The costs and packages will be revealed at launch, but Sony have said that the service won’t require any monthly contracts, it will not need any extra hardware to use, and it won’t demand any installation charges.
It’s not clear at this point though, as to whether this content will be available worldwide to Playstation’s international customers, of which there is quite a few, or if this is something that will be region locked. Bets are for the moment this is only going to be available for their American customers but we’ll keep you posted should we learn anything different!
Either way, Sony are set to bring subscription based, contract free cable TV to millions of Playstations and iPads once released. Could this be the future of TV services? I wouldn’t rule it out.