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Seasonal New Years K-Pop Playlist

To all K-pop fans out there, we hope you had a fantastic Christmas! But we’re of the belief that it’s not over until New Years, so whether it’s wrong or not, we’re still humming along to these fantastic seasonal tunes! If you’re coming down off your Christmas high, hopefully we can lighten up your day with […]

Music Monday: Winter Warmers

As I stepped out my door this morning I was greeted by the sharp winter bite of  late November, I wrapped my ridiculously long Doctor Who scarf around my face, jammed in my earphones, set up my Monday morning tunes and pressed play. Want to know what I’m listening to in order to battle this […]

Music Monday – Like A Boss

There’s nothing quite like a Monday morning to make you feel like you’re about to head into battle. You’ll wake up groggy and grumpy after too little sleep due to an impromptu Netflix marathon. Then you’ll drag yourself to the kitchen and sigh to yourself as you make a sub-par breakfast of stale coco pops […]