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Music Monday: Easy Listening

Final week to payday, last week of January and the blues associated with it. The stress and struggle are real for a lot of us as we push ourselves to reach the end of the month with our sanity intact. So here I am to bring a bit of easy listening to your day. I […]

Music Monday: Hotline Hype

Hotline Miami was my gateway drug into the neon-soaked sound of synthwave and synthpop. Its mix of fast-paced electro with sinister tracks filled with dread-ridden beats gave me just a taste of what I now consider one of my favourite genres. It’s eclectic nature can lend itself incredibly well to film genres ranging from slasher flicks, […]

Music Monday: Bubble Feels

Who doesn’t love that infectious bubble pop, the tunes that are always there at the back of your head! The tunes that you’ve got a little dance routine plotted out in your head (most of which revolves around shakin’ ya booty) for complete with a near perfect lip sync. They’re the happy smiley songs we […]

Music Monday: Winter Warmers

As I stepped out my door this morning I was greeted by the sharp winter bite of  late November, I wrapped my ridiculously long Doctor Who scarf around my face, jammed in my earphones, set up my Monday morning tunes and pressed play. Want to know what I’m listening to in order to battle this […]

Music Monday: Winter Ambiance

Winter is here. Put your memes away, winter is no longer coming, it’s HERE. And with it comes headcolds, short days, long nights and the need for internal heating systems to stave off the cold outside. Leaving the house in the morning to a night sky and coming home in the same can be a […]