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Music Monday – The Versitility of Prince

There have been many tributes paid to the late Prince Rogers Nelson since his passing. His music was beautiful, outrageous, groundbreaking and sometimes downright infuriating. That’s the kind of artist he was and that’s why we loved him. Here are five of my personal favourite yet lesser known Prince songs which I feel display his wide […]

Upbeat Shuffle – Music Monday

Hey guys, and welcome to another Music Monday. After a long day in work, school or college, theres no better feeling that putting on some tunes and kicking back for the night. Which is exactly what I’m doing now. Today’s Music Monday is completely in the hands of fate, as the shuffle decides which songs […]

History Of Hardcore – Music Monday

Sometimes one needs a dose of anger and frustration in audio form. The angst-ridden slip-and-slide of maintaining one’s responsibilities as an adult (or younger) is littered with financial hardship, poor life choices and the inescapable reality that, no, that book depository wishlist is never getting any shorter and you’ll never have read quite as much […]

Music Monday – ChipTUNES

There’s something about chiptunes that just appeals to me. Maybe it’s the idea of taking something with a limited scope and using it in new and interesting ways. Maybe it’s the throwback to the sounds of my childhood. Maybe it’s the much simpler reason that a good number of chiptune tracks are bloody great, so […]

Up The Irish – Music Monday

It may surprise you, but Ireland has more musical exports than U2, The Script and Thin Lizzy. Shocking, right!? Sarcasm aside, for such a small island, Ireland has a strong history of providing bands that are at least of the “decent” variety. Even without Irish trad, our contribution to music is, frankly, rather impressive given […]

Mix Of The Week – Music Monday

There’s not much of a theme this week, it’s just the stuff I’ve been listening to most over the last week or two. There may be some ridiculous movie soundtracks in here because I’ve been going running recently, consider yourself warned. John Farnham – Thunder In Your Heart Farnham is an accomplished musician but this […]