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Now You See Me – Screen Savers

Michael Caine was in two movies that centred around stage magicians. One of those is a contemporary masterpiece, and one of Christopher Nolan‘s best works. Starring Christian Bale and Hugh Jackman, The Prestige is one of my personal cinematic highlights of the last decade. Michael Caine‘s other magician centred movie, Now You See Me, made […]

Review: Spotlight

The beating heart of Spotlight‘s tragedy is one that will ring home to anyone familiar with Irish history. The original story, which ran in January 2002, was the tearing open of a systematic wound in which Catholic priests had both abused and knowingly covered up the abuse of children across the city of Boston. A […]

Thor: Ragnarok To Include The Hulk

Ragnarok is the apocalypse of Norse mythology. It is therefore understandable that in the case of Thor: Ragnarok (the third installment of the Marvel movie franchise) many have expectations that are above average. However, in the lead up to the movie’s production, details have come to light that give us reason to be hopeful. Reporting for JoBlo, Paul Shirey claims to have […]

HULK will Smash at least six more times.

News has surfaced that Mark Ruffalo, who played the raged fueled Hulk and soft spoken genius Bruce Banner combo, has signed a six movie contract with Marvel. This doesn’t really come as a surprise given the response to his performance in the Avengers. After the response to the previous two Hulk outings we had all […]