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PAC-MAN Partners With Orlinski for 37th Anniversary Kickstarter

A new kickstarter campaign is up for Pac-man’s 37th anniversary! Neamedia have partnered with artist Richard Orlinski to produce limited edition, officially licensed Pac-man sculptures. Available through kickstarter, the sculptures are available in a variety of sizes and finishes. As of writing, the gold chromed sculpture early bird offers are already gone, though it is still […]

Deadly Premonition Gets A Board Game

Did you hear that, Zach? A Deadly Premonition game is on Kickstarter! What’s Deadly Premonition? Cult hit video game, Deadly Premonition is getting it’s own card based board game! For those unfamiliar, the game has you play as Special Agent Francis York Morgan. Just call him York. You are investigating the murder of a young […]

Kickstarter Funds Raised In 2016 Are Down

As 2016 enters the 2nd half of the year, it seems Kickstarter funds in 2016 are half the amount 2015 campaigns took in. The report comes from Ico Partners, who track trends in crowdfunding and gaming. It shows that although a similar amount of computer game projects are available to fund, the amount of higher price […]