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Nerd Icon – Julian Glover

In 2013 Julian Glover received a CBE in the Queen’s Birthday’s Honour’s List. I don’t think that’s enough. Julian Glover should be literally crowned King of All Nerdingom. With a career spanning five decades he’s a much love and respected actor. Instead of being associated with one character or series, he has left his mark […]

Idris Elba Shoots Down James Bond

Hope you didn’t have any hope remaining that Idris Elba would don the tux as Britain’s most infamous spy, because the man himself has brought his boot down. Elba spoke to Good Morning America, saying that “…if it were to happen it would be the will of a nation, because there hasn’t been any talks between me and the […]

Will Tom Hiddleston Be The Next James Bond

There has been much speculation since Daniel Craig seemed to have stepped down about who will replace him as the iconic James Bond. Names thrown about and discussed at length included everyone from Idris Elba to Potter star Daniel Radcliffe. Some fans even campaigned on Twitter for a female Bond, some are behind the idea of […]

Bond 25 Will Tap Into Current Fears

While SPECTRE divided Bond fans from Skyfall noobs, the famous franchise was always going to have another instalment regardless of reception. Pre-production hasn’t even begun and already there are rumours flying around, many of which concerning Daniel Craig possibly not returning as James Bond. Gregg Wilson, associate producer and son of EON Productions executive Michael […]

Christoph Waltz Will Return As Blofeld If Craig Returns

Sam Mendes‘ latest Bond outing, it is fair to say, has been met with mixed reception. Relying on a heavy-handed concealment of Christoph Waltz‘s true identity reminiscent of Benedict Cumberbatch‘s ‘John Harrison’ persona, the reveal and subsequent performance struck many (myself, for the record, included) as somewhat underwhelming. However, a chance to flesh out and develop Blofeld as […]

Opinion: The 3 Worst James Bond Movies

They say Roger Moore made the worst James Bond movies. They are wrong. They are also extremely fickle, changing their opinions to whatever the current trend dictates. I have the confidence to stick to my convictions and I can tell you that the following three movies are without a doubt the worst in the series and […]

Review: Spectre

In the 1960s the first two James Bond films Dr. No and From Russia With Love attempted to set up a continuity, which was ignored in Goldfinger but revisited in Thunderball. The same thing has happened with Spectre, bringing closure to the situations established in Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace, and previously ignored in Skyfall. Throughout […]

New Spectre IMAX Poster Revealed

Bond fans eagerly anticipating the new SPECTRE film (starring Daniel Craig as James Bond) will be interested to see a new promotional image released by IMAX in anticipation of the film release. The poster is doubtless referencing Bond’s presence in Mexico during the movie, as he is wearing a skull mask customary of the Dia de los […]

Final Trailer For Spectre Released

Just when we learn Daniel Craig will continue in the 007 role for at least one more Bond movie, the final trailer for the forthcoming Spectre is released. It is short and condensed, being the last push before theatrical release. High octane action is met with sweeping vistas. Then there are verbal forays between Bond and his […]