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First Marvel’s Inhumans Trailer Released

The first Marvel’s Inhumans trailer landed and it has given us a pretty good look at the super powered beings. Despite the lack of actual super powers being used in it! I love a good trailer, I really do! Unfortunately Marvel’s Inhumans really doesn’t do itself any favours. I don’t know, I mean in a visual sense, […]

Segregated Supers – Back Issues

So I’ve been following Inhumans Vs. X-Men, as well as making my way through some of the older X-Men storylines, specifically the Messiah Trilogy. The former is mainly due to curiosity, the latter due to a dearth of decent new Marvel titles. If nothing else, it’s been interesting to see Marvel’s treatment of the mutant minority then, versus how […]

Marvel Announce New ‘Weapon-X’ Series

After Marvel’s announcement yesterday of the new Iceman series to be released early next year, Weapon-X has been announced as the second ongoing series as part of ResurreXion. Weapon-X-cited! As the next X-Men arc following the current Death of X and Inhumans VS X-Men due to end this year, Weapon-X is rumoured to feature some great characters; Wolverine, […]

Marvel Reveal Some Post-Civil War MCU Details

Civil War hasn’t even landed yet, and already fans, enthusiasts and journalists are taking advantage of the Captain America: Civil War press tour to find out whats still in store once Civil War is done. Directors of the Cap sequel, and directors of the upcoming Avengers: Infinity War films, The Russo Brothers have been sharing tidbits […]

The Inhumans Film Going Ahead

With Marvel’s recent date reveal, there’s been hot debate what all of the unnamed projects will be. Guardians of the Galaxy recently proved if Marvel promote a film the right way, it will find an audience no problem, and that film took the Marvel movie-verse intergalactic so really, anything is possible. And apparently, that means […]