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First Marvel’s Inhumans Trailer Released

First Marvel’s Inhumans Trailer Released


The first Marvel’s Inhumans trailer landed and it has given us a pretty good look at the super powered beings. Despite the lack of actual super powers being used in it!

I love a good trailer, I really do! Unfortunately Marvel’s Inhumans really doesn’t do itself any favours. I don’t know, I mean in a visual sense, it certainly looks really nice. Scenes and sets obviously have had no expense spared; it looks quite impressive. In terms of scale it all looks quite big! The trailer sets up the plot for the first season, take a look, I’ll be here minding my own business…

Listen, I’m nor just dragging this down for the sake of it. Heading into the Autumn TV season, there needs to be more to this. Sure the cast and set looks impressive. Lockjaw looks adorable, isn’t he? Why is he the selling point here? Why didn’t Medusa’s hair even move once? Come on!!! Am I the only one feeling a little underwhelmed here?

What did you make of the Marvel’s Inhumans trailer? Let us know in the comments below!

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