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The Inhumans Film Going Ahead


With Marvel’s recent date reveal, there’s been hot debate what all of the unnamed projects will be. Guardians of the Galaxy recently proved if Marvel promote a film the right way, it will find an audience no problem, and that film took the Marvel movie-verse intergalactic so really, anything is possible. And apparently, that means The Inhumans film will become a thing, especially with Vin Diesel dropping hints left, right and centre:


Now Collider are posting that Marvel are moving forward with an Inhumans project that penned as far back as 2011 – now the site isn’t reporting on an actual script or director attached to the project but rather the fact a script was already in existence and that with the recent success of GotG the project will follow in it’s very successful footsteps and with a few free dates on that hefty Marvel movie schedule it would seem that the Inhumans may have a space on it.
For many new fans of Marvel, the Inhumans are coming out of nowhere much like the crew of GotG but in shorthand, the Inhumans come from a society created after the Kree experimented on primitive mankind only to leave their experiments behind them on Earth.
The team consists of Medusa with prehensile hair, Gorgon with powerful legs, Karnak a brutal mind and fighter, Crystal who possess elemental control and their leader and King, Black Bolt whose voice is as powerful as a nuclear detonation.