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Onigiri お握りRice Balls – Geek N’ Bake

I can’t believe I’ve been doing Geek N’ Bake for nearly two years and only now are we tackling Onigiri! One of the most popular snacks in Japanese cuisine, this handy little rice ball makes the perfect lunch filler. Seriously, you’ll forget all about hot chicken rolls, tuna salad stuffed pocket breads and tomato sandwiches. […]

Princess Peach Cake – Geek N’ Bake

The way to any man’s heart is through his stomach! I know it, you know it, Princess Peach knows it! However Peach also knows that you can’t exactly bake a 10 tier chocolate cake while running the Mushroom Kingdom and being regularly kidnapped. To save on time but not lose out on taste, the ‘nude’ […]

Ratatouille, Keep It Simple – Geek N’ Bake

Okay don’t panic! You forgot it was Valentine’s Day didn’t you? Despite the subtle marketing campaign of every shop/petrol station/website in Ireland, you forgot! Okay seriously, stop panicking! There is a solution to all of this and you’ll come out smelling of roses! Nothing screams romance like a home cooked meal! Especially if it’s a […]

Goosebumps Ooze Cakes – Geek N’ Bake

Slime doesn’t get more memorable for me than the Goosebumps kind! I devoured the horror/supernatural books as a kid and the stories still stick in my mind. The cover of each book elaborately decked out and the series title spelled out in dripping ooze-y letters. One of the best things about the Goosebumps series was the twist […]