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Elhoffer Design – Must Have It

When it comes to clothing, well I’ve gotta say that my eye is usually drawn to geeky themed items but I’ve found that at times the clothing is usually limited to t-shirts or dresses with one print slammed on the front. Whereas Elhoffer Design has come out on the scene and has proven that geeky […]

Scarlet Johansson Considers Plot Ideas For Black Widow Movie

Since Kevin Faige, president of Marvel Studios, revealed his commitment to creating a Black Widow movie, fans have heard little or no news on its development. Directors such as Joe and Anthony Russo (responsible for Captain America:Civil War) have revealed their interest in directing. While fellow Avengers actors have also question the lack of a solo Black Widow film. However, Black […]

Character Performing – Cosplay Closet

For most, cosplay starts out as a simple hobby, something fun to bring to conventions and to wear with friends, possibly even to do some photoshoots just to show off the costume in the best way possible! For some, cosplay can progress into a professional way of life, you just have to look at cosplayers […]