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8 Reactions To E3 Excitement

E3, the world’s biggest gaming exhibition, is right around the corner and will run from June 12 – 14. Taking place at the Los Angeles Convention Center, E3 is set to reveal some big new titles. Along with the main event in June, there will also be a number of high profile showcases, leaks and […]

Is RAGE 2 Incoming?

There are sure to be a few rumours and stories floating about in the coming weeks, as E3 is fast approaching. All the big name game companies are sure to have big announcements, some of which will be leaked or spoiled by the power of the internet. Some news may be inbound from id Software […]

Prey Review – Hunted Becomes Hunter

Prey is pretty good. A little rough on the early game difficulty though. It’s the latest game from Arkane Studios, well-known for the Dishonored series. They also developed Bioshock 2. Comparisons to Dishonored and Bioshock are not unfair at all. A lot of the mechanics will be familiar if you’ve played those titles. But more […]

Press Start: The E3 20XX Rundown

That’s right I’m afraid that it’s that time again. E3 2017 is around the corner which means everyone and their mothers is going through their predictions. Of course, these predictions articles will all be very similar, a few things that are almost certainly going to happen and one or two things that haven’t a chance […]