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Batman Director Aiming For Noir Detective Film

The Black And White Knight Director Matt Reeves is currently doing the media rounds for his upcoming film War for the Planet of the Apes. However it’s another kind of animal we’re really interested in. It’s a little known fact that Reeves will be directing and producing the upcoming Ben Affleck Batman film set for 2019. Luckily one media member managed […]

Nerd Icon – Adam West

Last week we lost an icon of not only television or even nerd culture but of all modern culture itself. Adam West died aged 88 after being diagnosed with leukemia. Throughout his career he kept one of the world’s most famous comic book characters alive in our hearts and made us laugh out loud with […]

Nananananananana BATMAN! Back Issues

This last week we mourned the passing of the great Adam West, a man who has been synonymous with Batman since some of his earliest screen appearances. The usual image we get of the Dark Knight Detective is a brooding, demonic figure, perched above a gothic city skyline. Adam West’s Batman couldn’t possibly be any […]

Gaming Art Books You Didn’t Know You Needed

Clear some space on those book shelves! We’re talking gaming art books! We’re having this conversation because Blizzard are after announcing an Overwatch book. There will be two versions both featuring stunning cocept designs and visuals for the game with notes from the team! A standard edition for the budget conscious and a special collectors edition […]

Listen To Melissa Rauch’s Harley Quinn

In case you haven’t heard the news, Melissa Rauch of The Big Bang Theory is our new Harley Quinn. That’s right; Rauch will take on Harley in the upcoming animated movie Batman and Harley Quinn. The animated feature will see the semi-reformed Harley team up with a reluctant Batman (Kevin Conroy) and eager Nightwing (Loren Lester). The […]

11 Signs You Grew Up With Superheroes

You’ve tried moving objects with your mind. Just in case. You have thought extensively about what your costume would be. On that same subject, you personally own at least one cape. You’ve pretended to be Wolverine using stationary and other household items more than once. You’ve seen cities get blown up way too many times for […]

You Should… Play Batman: Arkham City

So, in an effort to stop feeding bad habits, I’m no longer buying new games. Exceptions are being made of course (Mass Effect: Andromeda, I’m coming for you!), but on the whole, I’ve been good at sticking to my promise. See, I’ve fallen into a bad habit familiar to most gamers; despite multiple purchases made every […]

The Batmobile – Gallery

Sometimes how cool a Batman incarnation is rides on his gadgets. Aside from the almost comical utility belt and the Batsuit, of prime importance is the Batmobile. From the 60’s TV show to the newly teased Justice League version, the Dark Knight’s car is sure to never disappoint. This gallery aims to look at just some […]