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Critical Role Fan Art

Since I seem to be going through a heavy Critical Role phase, here is my second post about the weekly Twitch stream, following a group of voice actors on their weekly Dungeons and Dragons quests. My favourite thing about getting obsessed with a TV show or video game is the fan art that comes from it. It […]

Unique Fan Art By AtomiccircuS – Gallery

AtomiccircuS is one of those artists who takes their incredible work, and finds new ways to make it ten times more impressive than it already is. I adore scouring the internet for exciting fan art, to help feed my obsessions. AtomiccircuS is one of my current obsessions. He is a tattoo artist from Norway, who […]

The Art Of Fables – Gallery

Back in 2013, Telltale Games award winning episodic game The Wolf Among Us introduced me to fairy tale comic book series Fables. Upon finishing the game, I spent several weeks reading the Fables Wikia page. And honestly, I fell in love with the world of Fables. Bill Willingham somehow managed to breed new life into many […]

Frank Frazetta – Gallery

Frank Frazetta may be one of the most influential figures in nerd culture, and most people don’t even know his name. The progenitor of an entire style of fantasy art, when you think of images accompanying classic genre fiction you’re thinking of Frank Frazetta. From Conan the Barbarian to John Carter of Mars, Frazetta brought these early […]

Hunter x Hunter – Gallery

I started reading and watching Hunter x Hunter well over a year ago but recently I finally caught up on the anime and I can’t get over how much I love the character designs. There are so many characters and so many different designs. No two characters look exactly alike unlike it is intended to […]

Jonboy Meyers Releases X-Men Gold Character Concepts

If you’re reading or at the very least following along with X-Men Gold then you’ll know the series is already skirting controversy. The original artist on the new X-Men title, Ardian Syaf, has been fired after it was discovered he’d hidden anti-semetic and anti-christian messages in the first issue! R. B. Silva and Ken Lashley will take over […]

Transformers’ Secret History On Earth

Transformers: The Last Knight is getting released on June 22 of this year. As we get closer to that date more details will be revealed. This week we got some great images from the upcoming feature. The movie is going to show that the Transformers have been around throughout Earth’s history. The newest poster for the film shows […]

HamletMachine – Gallery

In the past I’ve mentioned the webcomic Starfighter, and how much I adore it, as well as its creator and artist, HamletMachine. Well today I wanted to dedicate an entire gallery to Hamlet herself, and all of the other amazing fandoms she’s contributed to! And don’t worry, I’ll definitely be dedicating another to her original works […]

Guardians of the Galaxy – Gallery

We at The Arcade are quite fond of the mad mix of characters Marvel comics basically threw together to create The Guardians of the Galaxy in 2008, and in the cinema Vol 2 did nothing but heighten our love. Whether you enjoy the films, want to dress like them or are a true comic nerd, we […]