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Gallery: Midorisa Final Fantasy Art

Welcome back to this week’s gallery! As most people know I am obsessed with Final Fantasy so of course I am bringing you some art pieces done by the wonderfully talented Midorisa from Deviantart. What I like most about this art is the fact that it captures the essence of the characters very well and […]

Press Start: Christmas Gaming

Hey everybody, welcome back to Press Start. This week I decided to give your brains a rest from all my questions and ideas. I decided instead to give you an early Christmas present. What is this present you ask? Why, it’s video games of course! Before we jump in and have a look at some […]

Press Start: Sex In Videogames

Hey guys welcome back to your dose of video game mayhem. Every week I take a look at different aspects of gaming and talk to you guys and share my opinions with you. This week I want to take a look at sex in video games. By sex I mean the overall term and what […]

Press Start: Life As A Game

Welcome back to Press Start where you get your weekly updates on video-games and anything that surrounds them. This week I am going to get a little bit philosophical. I want to look at the idea of real life being just a game, their similarities, and how these two cross over. I also want to […]

Forgotten Childhood: Kablam!

Kablam! put together two things I loved as a kid and that was cartoons and comics. Such a simple yet brilliant idea. The best part of Kablam! was the fact that it had many “sketch” segments as well as the main two characters (Henry and June) hosting and getting into their own adventures. These sketches […]

Press Start: Are Games Easier?

Hello everybody! Hope you are ready for this week’s topic – it’s a doozy; are games getting easier? I want to take a look at certain games from different years and find out if games are easier in general or are they still controller smashingly good. The best way to start looking at comparisons is […]

Top 4 TV Shows To Watch This Autumn

It’s come to that time of year again when Santa comes early and gives us TV shows to keep us going until Christmas time. So we have saved you guys some time and picked the best of the best, all so you guys don’t waste a single second of your life watching a crappy show. […]

The Flash And Arrow Sizzle Reels Released From NYCC

If you guys were lucky enough to attend New York Comic-Con then this will be nothing new for you. However, if you are like the rest of us and spent the weekend in bed, then this will be something new. There were sizzle reels released for both The Flash and Arrow, both of which can […]

Music Monday: American Dad Disco

As well as being hilarious and incredibly smart with jokes American Dad also offers a variety of musical talents. Funnily enough most of the cast are actually fully trained soprano singers, so of course you can expect some great vocals and top quality tracks but you can also expect some funny and dirty tracks (after […]

Press Start: What Makes A Great Game?

Hey everybody, welcome to this week’s Press Start! For those who haven’t read this column before, I talk about anything to do with gaming. Each week I look at different aspects of the gaming world and give my opinion on them. That leads me up to this week’s topic of what exactly makes a good game? There […]