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Forgotten Childhood: Kablam!


Kablam! put together two things I loved as a kid and that was cartoons and comics. Such a simple yet brilliant idea. The best part of Kablam! was the fact that it had many “sketch” segments as well as the main two characters (Henry and June) hosting and getting into their own adventures. These sketches where actually meant to be animated comic strips. The characters were also relatable in the sense that they questioned what was going on and why as the show was sometimes very out there with ideas. I was so upset when this show ended after its fifth season on air. They did try to bring the show back but it did not work as the new style was very much anime-inspired and it just didn’t feel the same. Let’s have a look at some of the “sketches” I loved to watch.

Action League NOW!

Action League NOW! was everybody’s highlight on Kablam!. It had that perfect mix of stupid yet funny. The whole idea of the sketch was four superheros would try save the day from some evil that was going on at that given time. The four superheros were called The Flesh, Thundergirl, Stinky Diver, and Meltman. Most of the characters were really stupid! Each week they would battle new evils and of course save the day but most of the time it was done by accident or else they caused a whole load of other problems in the process. Most of these episodes were filmed inside a house or in someone’s back yard. Then the producers used some stop-motion animation mixed with a lot of good frame-work of hands moving the characters to create the show. Another fun fact is that all these superheros where custom-made for the show, meaning they were not recycled action figures(Probably.)

Life with Loopy

This sketch focused on Larry and his sister Loopy. The show is obviously, as named above, more about Loopy. I have to admit this is the one sketch I am not crazy on but overall people still loved Loopy. I found her quite annoying and I just didn’t really get what this sketch has to offer compared to others. But in any case Life with Loopy is a series about a little girl growing up and trying to understand the world around her. One of the few episodes I like focuses on her fish dying and what happens after they die. Her mother explains to her you flush them down the toilet because that’s where fish heaven is, so Loopy dresses up in a fish costume and goes on an adventure to fish heaven. She finds out while there that her fish is in fact in heaven and she has to leave because humans can’t be in fish heaven. I actually liked the character of Larry (Loopy’s older brother) but I wish he played more of a role in the show!

Henry & June

We cannot forget our main two characters! Henry and June have their own sketch as well although it is considered a sub-plot to the show rather than an actual sketch. Henry and June are friends who like to hang out and get up to all sorts of adventures. June has a fancy for Henry through all five seasons. Henry is also aware of this but nothing ever happens. I guess the producers just wanted to focus on the show itself rather than the characters’ story! Throughout the five seasons you get to meet many of the characters friends and family. The show did so well that Henry and June got their own spin-off show called The Henry and June Show. But again that didn’tt last very long. The best thing about Kablam! was that nearly all the sketches are lightning in a bottle that just wouldn’t do well as its own entire show. This then leaves you wanting more every week as you get so little.

This show had many spin-offs in different forms. There were two spin-off shows from Kablam!; the first was The Henry and June Show and then we had a spin-off for Action League NOW! After that we had Kablam! Presents: Henry and June which was a comic strip and finally we had the anime revival which as we know was just bad on all sorts of levels.

What was your favourite childhood show? Did you enjoy Kablam!? Let us know below in the comments.