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Press Start: Sex In Videogames

Press Start: Sex In Videogames


Hey guys welcome back to your dose of video game mayhem. Every week I take a look at different aspects of gaming and talk to you guys and share my opinions with you. This week I want to take a look at sex in video games. By sex I mean the overall term and what that entails.

What exactly do I mean by sex? Well I am looking at it from a few different views. One view is the very obvious intimate physical connection between two characters. Another view is the sex appeal of a character and how they look or behave. Then of course we can look at sex in the form of male or female. Just in case you notice throughout this article I will not be focusing as much on the gender side of sex, as this will be for another week down the line.

When we look at any video game from any era we can notice straight of the bat the lack of sex in terms of the physical act. However selling sex as an appearance comes up in nearly every game especially anime games if you catch my drift. But what I want to question is why there isn’t much sex scenes in video games. Let’s look at movies as an example. Tonnes of movies have sex scenes in them that show how the characters are connecting with each other and it does help along with the storyline in the film. When it comes to video games you can have a very similar idea and yet there is no sex involved even though two characters are together. Now I don’t mean full on pornography should be added into games and I am not saying every game should have sex scenes in them either because that would just be overkill but take for example Uncharted. Nathan Drake and Elena Fisher are a couple during the second and third game yet the chemistry is quite lacking between them or so I think anyway. However my opinion would completely change if they were to show an intimate moment between these two characters. Even something as simple as a wake up scene where they are sharing the same bed would be enough to mold the relationship more and make it a lot more believable. This would in turn help with the games story lines. You would feel much more emotional towards their relationship and possible perils that come with being a relic hunter.



Now let’s take a look at Mass Effect 3. This game in my opinion perfectly added sex into the game that greatly impacted the storyline. What I mean by this is the fact that I got to choose who I wanted to start a relationship with and I got to build upon this as the game progressed and eventually just before your final mission in which you might perish you got to choose if you wanted to have sex with your partner. This was so well executed and timed that you felt a bigger emotional connection to the games ending. Mass Effect has always done this very well but Mass Effect 3 has done it so flawlessly that they deserve an award. Mass Effect pretty much covers all variations of the word sex in terms of having both male and female characters that kick ass. They also allow you to enter same sex relationships and of course they have many good looking characters which again is done very well and not over the top with a huge sexy label put on the characters. They also have a lot of dialogue in terms of sex obviously when you are dating one of your fellow characters. However, the best part of this whole game is that the concept is not thrown in for no reason and it also doesn’t overshadow the game at all. As I said it helps the storyline.

So now that we have looked at the physical connection and the characters behaviour with sex it’s time to take a look at simply just selling tacky sex characters just for money. The perfect game for this is Catherine. The picture above pretty much sums it all up and explains my whole point but sure I’ll give my two cents just in case. This game is actually a fun game, However the constant sex appeal being pushed in your face is just over the top. The characters are unbelievably slutty for no reason whatsoever. It also adds nothing to the storyline of the game and it is also too tacky to take seriously and honestly doesn’t really lend anything extra to the characters either. In saying all that it still sold very well and the main reason is because of the amount of sex splashed all over. The front cover of the game is even a woman taking off her bra and half the cover is filled with breasts and of course there is a guy bang in the middle of her breasts just in case you weren’t drawn to them already.

What do you guys think of sex in video games? Do you support the idea? Any game in particular that springs to mind? As always let me know in the comments below and see you guys next week for another hit of video game fun!