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Press Start: Christmas Gaming

Press Start: Christmas Gaming


Hey everybody, welcome back to Press Start. This week I decided to give your brains a rest from all my questions and ideas. I decided instead to give you an early Christmas present. What is this present you ask? Why, it’s video games of course!

Before we jump in and have a look at some video games you can play over Christmas I just want to wish everyone a Happy Christmas! The list of games below are the best of a very bad selection of games so do keep in mind there isn’t exactly a lot to choose from quality wise.

Elf Bowling

This game is honestly my favourite Christmas game of all time and to be honest I have no clue why. I mean I know it is incredibly bad but there is just something about knocking over really annoying elves who insult and tease you all the time. It really is so satisfying. There is at least six different versions of this game so there is plenty to keep you going.

This game is pretty simple, it’s bowling but instead of pins you have naughty elves. They tend to moon you and hurl abuse about how bad you are at bowling. Of course the idea is to knock as many down as possible in one round of bowling. Oh and did I mention you are Santa throwing the bowling ball. Again incredibly satisfying!

Saints Row IV: How The Saints Saved Christmas

Next up is another great game. Although this is only DLC for Saints Row IV it is still great fun and you can get a good few hours of fun out of it. This DLC is pretty much based on every Christmas movie you have ever seen, the only difference being of course that it is way over the top which is the true style of Saints Row. A few of the obvious movies ripped off are Die Hard, A Christmas Story and How the Grinch Stole Christmas.

The plot for this game is very simple; you fight to save Santa from a Christmas hating warlord named Clawz and you do it all while wearing a Christmas jumper. You also get to run around shooting a load of gingerbread men to bits. I mean, what more could you want in a game?

Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong’s Double Trouble

Do you want a special retro Christmas present? Well you are in luck. I’m sure nearly everyone at some point has played Donkey Kong Country over the last 20 years. I am also pretty sure a lot of you have completed the game thinking I don’t remember anything about Christmas during the game. Well it doesn’t have anything to do with Christmas… until you put in a cheat code that is.

If you type “MERRY” into the file select screen you can change the whole game into a giant Christmas festivity filled with fun. While the game plays the same there are a few little differences. Firstly, there are no more bananas (What!). Secondly there is no stars to collect any more either. So what do you have instead? Glad you asked. Instead you collect Christmas presents and baubles. The stars are also replaced with Christmas bells. But that isn’t it! When you enter the bonus levels you will also hear some festive Christmas music. This is definitely a brilliant way to replay an old game and make it a Christmas tradition. You’re welcome.

GTA V Online: Christmas DLC

Let us get back to this Christmas and what’s new. GTA V Online is getting some DLC that will make your online experience more… merry…

In true Christmas spirit I can’t tell you much about this DLC as it is a surprise. No, that’s not true at all, However, there isn’t actually any details of what will be in this DLC pack. There has only been two little leaks of what you will be getting in this DLC: There will be a Christmas tree for your place and the return of the much loved Tampa muscle vehicle from The Ballad of Gay Tony. If you already own GTA V and like me you chill with the family (on the playstation) then this will be the perfect gift for you. Who knows you might just recapture that childhood wonder of not knowing what you are going to get… or not!

Duke: Nuclear Winter

The final game on my Christmas list is the expansion pack to the original Duke Nukem. Like most of the games on my list, this is not the most cheerful Christmas game.

That being said you do have to save Santa, so it could be a lot worse. The plot to this expansion is that Aliens have mind controlled Santa and Duke has to save him. However to save him you will have to shoot him quite a lot, rather than stop the mind control. You also have to battle through armies of snowmen, elves and Christmas tree tanks. The only thing better than Christmas is an explosive Christmas… Okay, I’ll stop!

There you have it guys. Hope your Christmas is filled with tonnes of games and fun. Enjoy every minute. As usual let me know in the comments below if you have any Christmas games you love and do you like or hate any of the games above?