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Press Start – Take Your Time

Ever feel like keeping up with your hobby sometimes gets to be more of a chore than a past time? Not that you don’t enjoy it when you’re doing it, but that you almost have to schedule what you’ll be doing next in order to keep on top of the latest releases? I’ve been getting […]

Game Jam Time – Press Start

For this week of Press Start I felt like talking about my experiences when attending game jams. The choice of theme isn’t accidental, this weekend the 10th Global Game Jam will take place. So I figured that on this edition of Press Start I could talk about some of my experiences when attending game jams. […]

Press Start: Baby Steps

It’s my first time writing one of these Press Start articles and I wasn’t sure what to write about. I’m studying games development but and I thought “Oh, maybe that’ll give me something to talk about.” But I was drawing blanks. I found an easy way out though. I think a lot about my first […]

Press Start: More Than Just A Game

The Triforce of Modern Gaming It’s fair to claim that, looking in from the outside, today’s gaming industry has become defined by three main features; killing, sports and kid-friendly content. The first component is fairly self-explanatory. First person shooters and games centred around gun combat in particular have dominated the gaming market in recent years. […]