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Blade Runner 2049 Getting Own Themed Whiskey

Movie style whiskeys are very popular right now. Kingsman: The Golden Circle has a bourbon to accompany its release and Blade Runner 2049 is apparently following suit. Any Blade Runner fans will know that Rick Deckard loves his booze, especially whiskey. Pursuing Replicants is thirsty work, and you want the ideal beverage to chase it […]

Very Positive Reactions From Blade Runner 2049 Press Screening

Apparently some lucky members of the press (not us unfortunately) got a chance to see Blade Runner 2049. Seems like they were not disappointed, based on their social media reactions, describing the movie as ‘mind blowing’ and a ‘masterpiece.’ As a result, I’ve provided a few snippets from these critics’ Twitters to give you an […]

Jackie Chan Kicks Ass In New Clip Of The Foreigner

If you read our previous article on Jackie Chan‘s The Foreigner, you’re no doubt hungry for more news. As it happens, a new trailer and some footage of the film recently landed on YouTube. The second trailer is nothing to write home about, just elaborating that Chan‘s character is acting without police approval. However, the […]

Funko Rick And Morty Portal Gun – Must Have

Love travelling across time and space? Already have a fez and sonic screwdriver? Why not try and get schwifty with Funko’s portal gun? This piece of equipment is ideal for any Rick and Morty fan, especially those considering cosplay! The gun even includes a nifty glow in the dark feature, mimicking the glowing green power […]

Whatchu Doing Ian? Edinburgh Fringe Special

I’ve had a pretty eventful month to say the least. Up until August 17, I was completing my postgraduate dissertation. In any other city, that wouldn’t be saying much, but it just so happens that August in Edinburgh is a very special time of year. Originally started in 1947 as an alternative to the Edinburgh […]

Godzilla Vs Kong To Be ‘A Massive Monster Brawl Movie’

Any readers who saw Kong:Skull Island will know that the franchise can only go one way: more monsters. The  post-credits scene hinted at the likes of Mothra and Rodan, but more importantly it confirmed Godzilla’s up to the bat. However, Godzilla Vs Kong sounds a bit confusing owing to the portrayal of both monsters. Kong and Godzilla […]

‘Batman: White Knight’ Features Evil Batman And Good Joker

Batman is without a doubt among the darker comic book heroes out there. Dressed in black and using healthy measures of intimidation, the caped crusader is not exactly a friendly neighbourhood vigilante. His stern personality and single-minded battle on crime has prompted some to question his sanity. As Alan Moore says: “Your parents get killed in […]

Spider-Man: Homecoming Review

After a surprise appearance in Captain America: Civil War, Tom Holland joined Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man. When Sony entered into a partnership with Marvel, it came as a pleasant surprise to me, loosening their grip on the wall-crawler to ensure a wider shared cinematic universe. However, by all accounts it was a […]

Spider-Man PS1 – Replay

Since Spider-Man: Homecoming is just around the corner, I thought I’d discuss two of his greatest playable adventures. Especially since a new Ps4 adventure is on the horizon, l want to return to basics. Before Toby Maguire’s big screen debut as Spidey in 2002, I already had a fairly extensive knowledge of Spider-Man simply from […]

Jackie Chan Fights Irish Terrorism In The Foreigner

Jackie Chan is going to fight the IRA. That is a combination of words I never thought I’d type, but it’s true. Chan plays Ngoc Minh Quan, a restaurant owner who loses his daughter in a bomb attack. He tries to grease a few palms at the Metropolitan Police for the identity of the bombers without […]