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Jackie Chan Kicks Ass In New Clip Of The Foreigner

Jackie Chan Kicks Ass In New Clip Of The Foreigner


If you read our previous article on Jackie Chan‘s The Foreigner, you’re no doubt hungry for more news. As it happens, a new trailer and some footage of the film recently landed on YouTube. The second trailer is nothing to write home about, just elaborating that Chan‘s character is acting without police approval. However, the footage of a fight scene showing him kicking some serious ass is worth looking at.


The clip begins with Michael McElhatton (Roose Bolton from Game of Thrones) leading a group of terrorists who are looking for our hero. Naturally, a fight ensues. However, the tone is really worth looking at here. Unlike Chan‘s usual slapstick acrobatic style of fighting, The Foreigner shows intense, Special Forces level stealth-action. He uses a serious of traps and hidden weapons to disable the villains. He even gets in a knife-fight at one point.

The action is quick, brutal and without Chan‘s usual bombast. This footage is confirming my suspicion that Chan is moving into a grittier style in his old age. Consequently, I think we can expect a darker protagonist than we’re used to in the upcoming film.

To conclude, it looks like we’re going to be seeing a thriller in the style of Taken combined with strong choreography. I really look forward to seeing what Chan pulls out of the bag this time. Hopefully we’re seeing the revival of a career for the veteran martial artist.

The Foreigner hits cinemas on October 13.