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New Legends Of Tomorrow Teaser Shows A Little More Rip Hunter

The time-travelling Rip Hunter (Played by Arthur Darvill) has been a much speculated upon character over the past year of press for DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. Where did he come from? What are his goals? It appears in this latest teaser that Rip is working under a council that dictates his actions and holds his fate […]

‘Jumanji’ Remake Confirms Director

In the jungle you must wait until the date hits December 25th, 2016. The impending remake of Jumanji, an adventure book-turned-movie in the 1990s, is on its way to us in the climax of this year. News has surfaced that the director of this production will be Jake Kasdan. His previous work includes Sex Tape […]

Back Issues: Baffling Backstories

2015 closed a chapter of excellence in the comic book industry with fresh, creative casts of well-established properties and long-awaited arrivals of characters that we feel were well overdue for their own solo series. A testament to the popularity of superhero movies is that it brought a whole new audience casting a light upon the […]

Forgotten Christmas: Trading Places (1983)

The Initial Release (1983)  Trading Places is directed by John Landis and features an all-star cast of Dan Aykroyd, Eddie Murphy, Jamie Lee Curtis, Denholm Elliott and Don Ameche, among others. The setting of the film takes places around the holiday season, but was curiously released in the month of June in 1983. The film […]

Screen Savers: Star Wars The Holiday Special (1978)

Raise your ‘sabers in the air, like you just don’t care! The holidays have been hijacked by a force from a galaxy far, far away. A convincing and comforting voice accompanies it and tells us in a reassuring tone that “this is the December we have been looking for”. Star Wars fever has infected the […]

Back Issues: Chilling Christmas Crackers

Christmas is a time of cheer, worship and togetherness among friends and family. The finer points of the holiday are illustrated beautifully in the sentiments we share each year with jolly dispositions and shimmering decorations displayed for all to see. It is a quiet time. A time of comfort where nothing could possibly go wrong. […]

EwTube: Christmas Wins

Question: Who loves Christmas more than kids do? Answer: Suburbanites and Mall Santas. For the latter, it’s the joy of getting paid to sit and ask one question continuously before tossing a selection box in mum and dad’s direction. In the former,  it’s the heartwarming pleasure of showing your more attractive and successful neighbour that […]

Development Underway On System Shock 3

The letter ‘S’ was emblazoned on the website of game studio Otherside Entertainment this past week. The accompanied countdown timer led to the simple conclusion that a game was to be announced. It is known that the co-founder of Otherside, Paul Neurath, is responsible for the company Looking Glass Studios. The most famous property that is associated with Looking […]

Screen Savers: Waterworld (1995)

‘Tis the season to be jolly! The holiday festivities of December are just around the corner as we finish up the last few days of November. The spirit of cheer has caught upon us here at The Arcade, mainly because of the free time that we will get away from work and school, but also […]

Icons Of Inspiration: Michiru Yamane (Video Game Composer)

Opportunity can spring from coincidence. Being in the right place at the right time can open up a world of possibilities. However, success isn’t often that simple. The main factor is that you have to be the right person. A person with aspiration who knows their own capabilities and how far they can go with […]