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Forgotten Childhood: Swamp Thing (1990)

THE INITIAL RELEASE (1990) Airing in 1990, the cartoon series of Swamp Thing was a product created for a generation who were “coo coo for coco puffs” and loved to jam to the almighty funky fresh beat of Turtle Power. This period sometimes referred to as “the reckoning” by penniless parents, was a time that saw […]

Guide: Relieve Post-Con Blues

At the end of con season, it’s easy to feel down during those gaps in between each big event. We know the feeling. Eirtakon has just ended and you’ve experienced that rush of emotion with your friends by creating fresh memories that will last a lifetime. Now you’re sitting at home sinking into normality once again – […]

Back Issues: Asinine Antagonists

In the words of King Arthur of Disney’s Sword in The Stone, “For every high, there is a low. For every to there is a fro.” The best heroes you will find in comics are those who have a constant reactive force of evil pushing their deeds of valor down with their malicious intent. A […]

YesFlix/NoFlix: Fright Night Vs. Silent Hill: Revelation

October is upon us and Halloween looms on the mind of those wishing to shed their mortal vessels to don garments of demons, witches and sexy cats. Yes, It is a spooky time of year. Children come to your door and demand sugar. Those of us with a sweet tooth our pillaged of our candy […]

Comicphiles: Ghostly Debt Collecting Aliens

Don’t have time for comics anymore? Blasphemy! Although, I do feel you. The hectic norms of everyday non-superheroics can be a burden when you just want to dive into an issue and immerse yourself in fantasy for a while. In the moments that you find space to breathe and indulge in your hobby, it becomes […]

Gif Essay: Motivate Yourself, Platformer-Style!

Take it from us. The more you try to dig yourself out of a personal rut, the deeper the hole tends to get. Solutions don’t often come easy when you are self-critical about every action that you take towards progress. Luckily, We have role models to look to that are all around us. They can […]

Yesflix/NoFlix: 3rd Rock From The Sun Vs. Portlandia

This week on Yesflix/NoFlix, we have two titles seeking to tickle your funny bone. The correlation between the two being that both are comedies, both of them feature an alumnus of Saturday Night Live as part of their main cast and both I watched recently and couldn’t think of a more cohesive theme for this […]

Icons Of Inspiration: Roberta Williams (Video Game Designer)

A phrase that is often bestowed upon revolutionary game designers is the accolade of being a genre definer. Hideo Kojima redefined the idea of the action adventure genre of gaming by integrating fluid stealth mechanics as a viable alternative to gunning down your enemies. This, coupled with his cinematic espionage flair, made for an all-time classic with […]

Forgotten Childhood: Dennis The Menace (1993)

THE INITIAL RELEASE (1993) John Hughes goes back to basics by digging from the wellspring of the Home Alone series to produce another film in a very similar vein. Dennis The Menace is based upon a long running TV series telling the adventures of a mischievous boy as he gets into all sorts of misadventures. Hughes approached Warner […]

Gif Essay: 7 People You’ll Meet In Retail Hell

The economy eh? It’s a work in progress. Our national debt to Germany is so high that you would be forgiven for believing that it was tallied up in gil instead of euros. The current market slump of dairy products is going to see that the falling prices of milk will add another 1 billion euro […]