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Gif Essay: Motivate Yourself, Platformer-Style!

Gif Essay: Motivate Yourself, Platformer-Style!


Take it from us. The more you try to dig yourself out of a personal rut, the deeper the hole tends to get. Solutions don’t often come easy when you are self-critical about every action that you take towards progress. Luckily, We have role models to look to that are all around us. They can be present in our home life, in our workplace — even in the online magazines that we frequent!

Well, maybe that last one could be a tad presumptuous, but there is always a precedence that can be set by any form of media that provides entertainment for the public to consume. Our entertainment provides us with many lessons that we don’t often pick up on or subconsciously we have not noticed what knowledge we have gained from them. Which is why we are here to highlight for the gamers among you, the secret advice that is hidden in your cartridges, discs and digital downloads.

Gamers of the world – Look to your Lara Crofts and your Mario Brothers for guidance! Don’t be a Leisure Suit Larry. Be the heroic protagonist of your own story. Don’t know where to start? Why not try “World 1-1”.



The first step is always the most daunting. The easiest route is inevitably the more tantalising and that might be playing on your mind as you make your decisions. Making the choice to move forward is the seed that grows into a tree filled with fruitful future opportunities for you.


The choice to change is just one step in your brand new adventure.



Set goals for yourself! Formulate a checklist that you can tick off as you go along. If you begin small and make the pieces of your puzzle easily attainable, then that will give you a confidence boost as you go onwards with the tasks that you perceive to be a greater difficulty than the others. This method allows you to take a wider look at the end goal you have in mind without tossing you directly in the deep end.




What are power-ups, really? They are present in games to give a brief boost to a character in times of need in order to manoeuvre through stages with greater ease. Effectively, They are a bonus. A reward for staying on target. Bolstering your goals with a set reward system will enrich the value of all that you accomplish. An IRL power-up can be as small as allowing yourself that new video game you’ve been craving to play. The importance of this comes from reaching a certain level of progress and creating incentive to keep on going.



Jump into the fray with as positive of an attitude as you can. Running away from what needs to be done will only work for a brief period. The belief of being fearless will empower you in the ways that you interact with people and in the way that you handle the struggles of your day-to-day. If this belief is translated well in enough in your goals; a ripple effect will occur where each passing trial will become a triumph. These thoughts of having no fear will aid in the sense of a greater willingness to improve yourself over time.



There will always be naysayers trying to kill your chill and take away this groove you’ve got going. It’s important to remember that this white noise they emit doesn’t have to affect you, if you don’t want it to. Haters will remind you of past times that you have faltered to throw off your new mindset.


A counter intuitive measure is to agree with them and fall back into those old ways. Fortunately, There are those out there who will encourage and support you in your endeavours. Surrounding yourself with allies that work at the same speed as you can add a fire to the burning flame of a fresh motivated spirit.




Before you is the hardest challenge since the very beginning. It was looming over your head making you question if it would ever be finished. The lack of motivation in you stemmed from either being complacent, unstructured, without incentive, fearful of failing or being too preoccupied by hollow words from no good goombas. With the strength of your allies and small victories, You are now more well equipped to handle the giant hurdle before you. Finish it up.

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The sense of relief that will follow will carry you until the next time that you are in need of a little pick-me-up. Until then, Dance Celebration!