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Back Issues: Chilling Christmas Crackers

Back Issues: Chilling Christmas Crackers


Christmas is a time of cheer, worship and togetherness among friends and family. The finer points of the holiday are illustrated beautifully in the sentiments we share each year with jolly dispositions and shimmering decorations displayed for all to see. It is a quiet time. A time of comfort where nothing could possibly go wrong.

Through the serenity of festivities comes a harmony as a pleasant lull in the night wafts upon those who choose to celebrate the holiday. Those without invites (or the same blood) are not welcome at our tables to feast from the spoils of a bird’s carcass marinated with squeezed fruit. This bounty of food is to fill the glutenous belly of children who are eager to gather around a decaying tree and receive gifts from adults as a reward for surviving another year. The undeniable beauty of this tradition is marked by the unbridled joy we all feel, at the coming of that crafty old man, who is always watching to make sure that we aren’t being naughty. He watches when we are sleeping like an adoring angel adorned on top of our dead trees. His trained pets fly him all across the world. He can be anywhere within twenty-four hours. He is omnipresent. He is law.

Merry soon-to-be Christmas everyone! I hope you enjoy these alternative Christmas comics that are sure to give you a chill this winter.


An anthology series of horror stories that premiered a special x-mas edition in 1954. Wish fulfilment was the theme of their Christmas issue when two different murders occur. One husband and one wife get rid of their spouses as a form of release from loveless marriages. The setting of Christmas paints a portrait of well-being among the neighbourhood and the disruptive actions of this woman and man has garnered high suspicions. A perfect family gathering is upcoming and each must deal with the ordeal of hiding a body from their respective relatives in order to create the illusion of marital bliss.

An implied longing for an affair is present in the narrative as the story weaves in and out of suspenseful interactions and guilt ridden thoughts. Will the murderers be brought to justice or have they committed the perfect Christmas crime?


We ain’t afraid of no ghost! This bumper collection of holiday tales stretches from Halloween, Thanksgiving and most importantly Christmas. A crux upon the winter has scattered the Ghostbusters outside their city to a town encumbered by phantasms from far in the past. Using their expertise and high-tech gadgetry against spooks of the night draws them into the realisation that they never truly will have a break from their ghostbusting. Egon, Ray, Peter and Winston seek to make it home for Christmas with gift wrapped ghouls in tow.


The Krampus is based on an old germanic tale that inspired the creation of Santa Claus. While Saint Nicholas was the virtuous gift giving man who rewarded good nature, the Krampus was his horned companion creature that punished cruel children in the wake of their spoiled and cruel attitude.

We know the tradition of Santa Claus has been carried among many cultures around the world, but the Krampus has been a myth sidelined due to the mean-spirited tone of his character. Thankfully, we have the comic book world that takes the notion of “evil” characters and spins them into “anti-heroes” with misunderstood personalities. Yay!
The comic sees the mischievous demonic-like Krampus set loose on the world in order to solve a grand mystery. A society of secret santas has enlisted his help to unravel a case involving the loss of all their “Christmas Power”. Despite their initial reluctance, they know the only creature bold enough to take on the task is The Krampus, but only if there is freedom for anarchy in the face of the cocky thief who has swiped the spirit of Christmas from right under all their noses.


Groovy! From the book of necronomicon comes spectres of the festive variety. Deadites keen to ruin Ash’s holiday season give a hearty welcome with an intent to kill. The leader of these gang of gangly undead is naturally Father Christmas himself. Blasting a way through droves of evil elves to face up against Saint Nick is Ash’s task at hand and while he is at it, there is still plenty of presents that won’t get to the kids unless one handsome, strong chinned man saves the day! A fun spin-off romp of the Evil Dead franchise that would be a good stocking filler for a comic fan at Christmas time.