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The Next Doctor – Staff Picks

As Peter Capaldi will soon be leaving his fantastic turn as the Doctor behind him, fans of Doctor Who have been speculating about which lucky actor (or possibly actress) will be taking on the mantle next. There are some actors that just have that Doctor Who vibe that we all want to see for season 11, so […]

Best Comic Titles Of 2016 | Staff Picks

One fact about 2016 is pretty evident: It was a terrible year. Perhaps personally things went your way, you may have gotten a new job you loved, or met someone fantastic or finished that project you’ve been working on since forever, but in general, 2016 sucked. Many of us got stuck into TV shows and […]

Best Of 2016 | Staff Picks

2016 is coming to an end. It has been a trying year in many aspects but, fortunately, we’ll be done with it soon. It’s the perfect time to look back at how things went this year, so we decided to ask our writers about their favourite movies, games, TV shows and books this year. We’ve compiled their […]

The BFG Review – Giant In Heart But Small In Stature

As we enter the world of Steven Speilberg‘s The BFG, an adaptation written by Melissa Mathison, who penned the screenplays of other childhood favourites such as E.T. and Indian in the Cupboard, we find ourselves in a slightly different place than Roald Dahl‘s original classic portrayed. Set in the London of a slightly modern yet […]

The Walking Dead Had Other Plans For Andrea

The Walking Dead over it’s six seasons, has been well known for it’s willingness to kill even the shows seemingly pivotal characters (although the Glenn incident from the most recent season perhaps suggests a sea of change on that front). This was no more evident than it has ever been when at the climax of a season 3 […]

Destiny In Your Hands… Sort Of!

Following on from last years line of Titan figurines, Bungie have once again teamed up with scale model specialists 3A to provide fans with more collectables from the world of their hugely popular action role playing RPG, Destiny. Variety! 3A’s latest release, will allow collectors to get their hands on three unique variations of the […]

Food For Thought – EwTube

by Nioclas Mac Gearailt  Throughout history, it’s never been easier to find videos of funny cats or people failing or tutorials for basically anything. Apart from fails, wins and kittens, the internet has gotten exceptionally good at making a point while being damn fine entertainment at the same time.  If you fancy watching something more […]

Why The Killing Joke’s Joker Is So Important – Opinion

This July, DC Comics and Warner Bros Animated will release The Killing Joke on DVD and Blu-Ray and I’m not gonna lie, I’m pretty excited. With words from the legendary Alan Moore and fantastic artwork from the one and only Brian Bolland, the comic was first released in 1988 as a stand alone edition and […]

Knockout: eBooks vs Books

Brandon and Abel pull no punches when it comes to their reading! Both passionate about their pages, they’ve a shared passion for the literary world! Unfortunately they tend to differ about how one should treat and experience their books! It’s the classic versus the modern as the pair pit books against eBooks. For eBooks When […]

Poco’s Udon World Anime Cast Revealed

With its October release date approaching, the TV anime adaption of Udon no Kuni no Kiniro Kemari, Poco’s Udon World has recently revealed its main cast and addition staff members. The key visual art and first promotional video over on its official website have also been posted. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1LPRAvr5IcA Cast! The lead rolls of Souta Tawara and […]