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The Next Doctor – Staff Picks

The Next Doctor – Staff Picks


As Peter Capaldi will soon be leaving his fantastic turn as the Doctor behind him, fans of Doctor Who have been speculating about which lucky actor (or possibly actress) will be taking on the mantle next. There are some actors that just have that Doctor Who vibe that we all want to see for season 11, so we asked our staff who their picks are for the next Doctor!

Mary says…

Kris Marshallnext doctor who

I watch him in Love, Actually every year and he always comes across as mad as a box of frogs. That, coupled with his goofy, crazy-eyed facial expressions suggests he’d fit right in as the Doctor.

He recently handed over his role as Humphrey Goodman on Death in Paradise to Irish star Ardal O’Hanlon (who I could honestly see playing the Doctor as well!) so seeing as he’ll be in England for the foreseeable future, he might be in with a chance for at least an audition!

Richard Ayoade

If I had to pick between Ayoade and Marshall for the role, I’d firmly pick Ayoade. I absolutely love his quirkiness and I think he’d be so genuinely fun in the role. He would be a big change from Capaldi, who was more of a serious reincarnation of the Doctor.

Although I don’t have much interest in seeing a female Doctor, it would be fantastic to see a person of colour in the role, particularly if that person was Ayoade, who is a wonderful actor and so uniquely funny with that deadpan delivery of his. #MossForTheTardis

Ray says…

Olivia Colmannext doctor who

Everyone will have their favourites, but when it comes to the role of The Doctor, I think it’s time for a change.

My first suggestion has a connection to new show runner Chris Chibnall through her work on Broadchurch, Olivia Colman. I think she would be brilliant and definitely would bring her dramatic flair to the role.

Hayley Atwell

The other top choice for me is more of a wishful thinking choice. I would really enjoy seeing what Hayley Atwell could do in the role. I absolutely loved her as Agent Carter in the Marvel Universe, and I think she could be a Doctor with a bit of an attitude.

Lastly, I wanted to give an honourable mention to Rupert Grint. If they do stick to a male Doctor, then I would love to see what this Harry Potter alumni brings to the role. Plus, we’d finally have a ginger Doctor!

Declan says…

Michelle Dockery

Dockery is perhaps best known for her role as Lady Mary in Downton Abbey. Hard, unyielding and a force to be reckoned with she carries tremendous presence on screen. Dockery also managed to retain a softness to her character and while it was her razor sharp wit I fell in love with, it was her vulnerability that captured my heart.

Dockery is currently starring in Good Behaviour. She plays a con artist living with addiction, so traversing time periods proves no challenge to her. She’s my ideal Doctor but if you’re talking about my dream Doctor then…

Will Youngnext doctor who

Okay hear me out on this one! He’s handsome! He’s just so bloody handsome! On a more serious note Will Young can sing but he can also act! He’s a charming personality and I think he’d make for a more likeable/friendlier Doctor.

Young could bring back a little joy to the character who in recent years struggles with his place in the universe and in time.

Dave says…

Lee Ingleby

next doctor whoIn my opinion, after the last four incarnations, I think it’s time for a gentle approach. We need a compassionate and sensitive Doctor. A Doctor who is more friendly, less playful but still with the strong moral convictions which make him a hero. Basically, a modern interpretation of Peter Davison‘s Fifth Doctor.

The first actor who immediately comes to my mind is Lee Ingleby. He has an irresistible charm (it could be his infectious Yorkshire accent) and warmth about him and I can easily see him winning over the confidence of those in charge simply by making friends. He is also able to portray someone whose good nature does not undermine his dogged determination to do what’s right. He has made appearances in pretty much everything from Spaced to Luther, but I recommend watching Our Zoo if you want to see why I chose him.

Ivanno Jeremiah

next doctor whoIgleby is a smart choice but if the casting directors want to take a risk, I hope they consider Ivanno Jeremiah. Best known as Max from the Channel 4 sci-fi drama Humans, he has all the heart required with a unique charisma bordering on hypnotic.

I would really like the next Doctor to be no-nonsense yet all heart (or hearts in this case). Jeremiah, despite his youth and relative inexperience, can absolutely give us a Doctor that knows the value of kindness and the integrity that comes with it.

Who do you want to see as the next Doctor? Let us know in the comments below!