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Food For Thought – EwTube


by Nioclas Mac Gearailt 

Throughout history, it’s never been easier to find videos of funny cats or people failing or tutorials for basically anything. Apart from fails, wins and kittens, the internet has gotten exceptionally good at making a point while being damn fine entertainment at the same time. 

If you fancy watching something more substantial than objects getting crushed by a hydraulic press, take a look at these five videos that’ll leave you thinking. 

Wrestling Isn’t Wrestling

Max Landis is a hollywood screenwriter. He’s written movies like Chronicle, American Ultra, Me Him Her and an epic short film called The Death and Return of Superman. Dip your toes into this awesome mind with Wrestling Isn’t Wrestling, a journey through one of the most interesting long-form storytelling genres ever, and a great short film in its own right. 

Critical Close Up: Metal Gear Solid 2

Super Bunnyhop is a great channel that produces reviews and commentaries of video games. One of their best and most popular shows is Critical Close Up. This episode focuses on Metal Gear Solid 2, a meta-textual mind-trip designed to subvert player expectations. The video is a nicely-made unpacking of one of the most convoluted titles on the Playstation 2. 

YMS: In Time

Your Movie Sucks makes little film reviews called Quickies, but the real charm of the channel is their funny, extended breakdowns of exactly why a movie sucks. If you’re put off by internet vitriol, don’t worry. This isn’t that. YMSs’ charm lies in his ability to expose a film’s contradictions and flaws through observation and excellent contextualisation. It’s very funny stuff, and I have no idea why, but this takedown of In Time might be my favourite. 

Really That Good: Die Hard

You might know Bob Chipman as MovieBob from the escapist.com, but now he’s gone independant. He does hardcore put-downs of poor movies, but he also makes excellent videos about just exactly why seminal films are as good as they’re held up to be. Die Hard is an absolute action classic, and in this video MovieBob shows us why with surprising depth.

Star Wars: The Phantom Menace Review

This is mostly just a bonus video. You can’t get away from it, this is requisite viewing of the internet. The guys over at Redlettermedia made a feature-length movie criticising Star Wars: Episode One and added to the vernacular of the fandom. It’s funny, on-point, and perennial. If you haven’t seen it, watch it now. If you’ve already seen it, watch it again.