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Tō no Manimani – Nao Tōyama

Tō no Manimani – Nao Tōyama


Today’s track of the day by Nao Toyama is ‘Tō no Manimani. It combines traditional Japanese instruments with a rock pop sound. It’s one of my favourite sounds in the world I am in love with it. I first came across the song while watching Kakuriyo no Yadomeshi or Afterlife Inn Cooking. The english translation of the anime/manga series name does it no justice. It is beautiful and heartwarming and not just because I’m in love with one of the main characters.

And we are talking about real anime love. Not that infatuation malarkey! If you’ve watched the series then you probably have an idea why I might fall hard for Ginji. He is in the image above in his adorable nine-tailed fox form looking rather adorable!

I digress; here’s your track of the day:

Nao Tōyama doesn’t just perform the opening theme for the series. She is also the voice actress behind the voice of the main character Aoi Tsubaki. She has been performing as a voice actress since since 2010 and her musical career began in 2017.

Back to Ginji; he’s just perfect! Smart, funny and ever so handsome. I need to find some fanfiction or write some therefore this article is over.