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7 Best Things About Solo: A Star Wars Story

7 Best Things About Solo: A Star Wars Story


While I mull over my review for Solo: A Star Wars Story I want to share my favourite things from the latest Star Wars movie! Buckle up baby!

7. It’s A Heist Movie

I’m not the biggest fan of the genre and I’m not about to declare myself Star Wars fan of the year! I think both those things really let me approach Solo: A Star Wars Story objectively! I left the cinema totally satisfied from start to finish. It is an excellent film and don’t let the news of poor box office or rampaging fans put you off going!

6. There’s No Force

I always wondered how a Star Wars tabletop RPG would work if no one chose to play with the Force. I got my answer sort of with this movie! There is no force used throughout. Like no one even makes anything wobble or shake with it! It’s all guns, fists and drama! It’s all amazing!

5. Val

Val is the partner of Tobias Beckett. She’s a sharp no nonsense kind of criminal and was quickly one of the main stand out characters for me in the film. Thandie Newton takes on the role and she sits comfortably into it bringing real depth to Val.

4. Lando

Well it’s official I’m in love with Lando Calrissian or at least Donald Glover as Lando. He is charming, suave and a downright hustler. I finally get his appeal as a character in Star Wars! Glover needs his own Lando movie by the way; Lucasfilm make it happen please!.

3. Solo And Chewie

Find yourself a best friend like Chewbacca! Solo: A Star Wars Story offers a little more on just how this iconic duo met and their friendship was forged. It’s brilliant, funny and even a little sad!

2. This Music

I’m not going to pretend I ever take notice of the background music in movies or games unless it’s particularly striking. And we segue and reveal ‘Marauders Arrive’ from John Powell

I had goosebumps all over when I heard this for the first time in the movie! It’s utterly stunning and completely encapsulated the drama and action in the train heist scene. Now if you’ll excuse me I have to figure out how I can make this play every time someone rings my door bell or my oven alarm goes off!

1. L3-37

And ladies and gentlemen we have a new favourite Droid! L3-37 is voiced by Phoebe Waller-Bridge and she sort of steals the whole show. In the same sense that Alan Tudyk did as K-2SO. L3-37 is every bit as sassy, bullheaded and beligerant as the droids that came before her… or after… timeline joke!

I mean just look at her full designation! She’s as l337 as Star Wars characters can get!