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Game Of Thrones S7 E1 ‘Dragonstone’ Review

Game Of Thrones S7 E1 ‘Dragonstone’ Review


*Spoilers Ahead*

Game of Thrones is undoubtedly one of the most popular tv shows of the last 6 years. The number of fans the show has accumulated is always growing and as a die hard fan I completely understand.

I usually just watch the episodes, discuss with friends and leave it at that but I thought I would give reviewing the current season a shot.

Season 6 Recap

Season 6 ended on a high note with Daenerys being joined and supported by Tyrion Lannister, Theon and Yara Greyjoy, Olenna Tyrell and Ellaria Sand. The mystery behind the identity of Jon Snow being revealed. The Battle of the Bastards, The demise of Ramsay Bolton, which was more satisfying than Joffreys death and the small reunion of the Starks. Not all things ended on a high note. For one Cersi ruthlessly killing a cathedral full of people including Margery and Loras Tyrell . The shocking suicide of King Tommen and the disease that sent Jorah Mormont on a quest to find a cure.

Season 7

This season starts off with a scene involving Walder Frey having a feast for his men. If you watched the last season you would know that Arya, who is now a trained assassin, slit Walder Frey’s throat as he fed on some mystery meat pies. Naturally I was excited to see where the scene was heading and I was not disappointed. Her time training in he House of Black and White has definitely paid off as she dispatched House Frey rather easily. Women are often not taken seriously in Westeros which will  In fact later on in the episode,when breaking bread with some troops, she is honest about her intention to kill Cersei and her declaration is met with laughter. This will undoubtedly work in her favour if she is going to be viewed as a non threatening person. 

I was really excited for the rest of the episode however it felt like there was almost too much happening in the episode. I understand that they wanted to touch on most of the characters that were still alive. But with so many characters it felt a little rushed.

Sibling Rivalry

The strain between in Jon and Sansa’s relationship is pretty evident in this episode. Jon makes it clear that defending the north now that winter has come is the most important thing. Even if it means pardoning houses which previously abandoned House Stark, which Sansa is not happy about. In fact Sansa speaks out against Jons decision in front of the other heads of houses which is quite telling.

I have faith in Jon’s ability to lead and of Sansa’s but Sansa would have learned from Cersei and lets face it she would never win a role model award. Also her hair style is very reminiscent of Cersei pre incarcertion. Sansa has also gone through some horrible things as a result being treated like a pawn. So I have a very strong feeling we will see a much more strong willed and empowered side to Sansa. She won’t be played even when it comes to Baelish.

Wherever Sansa Stark is Peter Baelish is never too far away.  Sometimes I’m not sure how I would describe my feelings towards Baelish. He’s pretty creepy and almost like a bad smell in regards to how Sansa treats him but if there is anything that we know about Littlefinger it is that he is patient and will screw over anyone to get what he wants. Sansa is clever is choosing to keep him around for his men but sooner or later he is bound to make a move on her. Like she said ” I know exactly what he wants.”. 

A Mad Queen

When Cersei finally gets her screen time we get to see just how cold and heartless she has truly become. She’s trying so hard to keep a grip on everything that was ‘hers’ before. But she just seems to be losing everything, her father, her children, her kingdom and I’d even say her love. Jamie’s love for his sister doesn’t seen to be as strong as before and who can blame him. She barely batted an eyelid when her son plummeted to his death. Cersei’s development is sad in a way because before she was a protective lioness, looking after her cubs and now she’s just looking out for herself.

I love to hate Cersei, she is ruthless, cruel, calculating and you wouldn’t want her coming after you. So when Euron Greyjoy comes to Kings Landing she isn’t surprised at all because it makes sense. Euron’s a self proclaimed King but without the ‘official’ reigning queen he is nothing. Even though he has overthrown his brother and scared away the rightful heirs he too knows that he needs allies. Allies like House Lannister.

Ed Appears

I was quite enjoying the episode until the most unsubtle cameo happened. Within seconds I knew who it was, that voice is not one you’d mistake. I like Ed Sheeran and his music but there was no need for him to be in it. Although the song was beautifully sung. But hey, if someone asked me to cameo I don’t think I could say no.

Sam’s Struggles

Another character we got a small glimpse of is Samwell Tarly. Last season Same left the wall to go become the new Maester for the Nights Watch. At first we see how repetitive his days are. I honestly done envy his duties, cleaning chamber pots *vom*  and serving food that looked like it came from the chamber pots. I’m a book lover so my interest was definitely piqued when I saw the restricted books. Sam obviously thought that they could hold the secrets he is looking for and boy was he right. I believe he’s going to be pretty important to the story this season. Knowledge will definitely be useful when it comes to fighting the white walkers. What he uncovered does make things a bit more interesting because it could potentially be harder to get the dragon glass now than it was before.

Home At Last

The episode ends in a truly fitting way. The end of Season 6 saw Daenrys setting sail for Westeros, specifically Dragonstone. The episode ends with Daenrys coming home to the place of her birth. Back when Dragonstone was a stronghold for Stannis Baratheon, it was dull and miserable looking. But now that Daenerys is home it looks like it has a new lease on life. Which is a symbolic foreshadowing for the future to come. This ties in to why I think getting the dragon glass will not be easy. Somehow I don’t think would he marry as part of the power play. If he doesn’t marry or back Daenerys the only option would be to fight, which he doesn’t like to do unless it’s necessary.

All in all the season seems to be off to a good start, I‘m delighted that it Game of Thrones is back on our screens but hopefully the episodes from now on are more evenly spaced. But in all honesty I wonder why no one ever thought to look around Dragonstone for the dragon glass…. like surely it’s not just me who thought this was obvious…

I’m looking forward to the next episode, are you? Let us know in the comments below!