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No Game No Figure? – Must Have

No Game No Figure? – Must Have


There is no doubt that anime is a medium that has the possibility of amazing merchandising. This is even more evident now that it has become pop culture and more widely available. Companies go to great lengths to recreate the favourite characters from different anime series.

The recent hit No Game No Life has received the same treatment. To say I need these figures is an understatement, my life almost depends on it.

It is fairly obvious who the main focus character is with pretty much every figure having Shiro as the muse.


Most would ask why do I need a few figures of the same character? Not only is she cute as all heck but the level of detail in these figures is amazing. The anime itself was a burst of life and colour with these figures being no different.

Not only does No Game No Life have the adorable Shiro figures but you can admire the other characters in Nendoroid form. It was such a detailed and colourful series that it had the option of being a detailed figure or a cute chibi formed Nendoroid.