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Pesky Time-Consuming Summer Jobs

Pesky Time-Consuming Summer Jobs


We are about half-way through the summer and, for some, that means slumming it out at home, reading manga, watching movies, playing video games and chilling with friends. For others, it means going to work – and that can get in the way of some geeky downtime; nobody hates real-life responsibilities getting in the way of that good ol’ geeky downtime like I do!

Starting The Job

First you think ‘Great, all my hard work has paid off and now I get to earn some extra cash’ which means sweet, sweet snacks, more games, replenishing your stack of reading material or maybe renewing your Netflix subscription. Great!

Then that first pay check comes in. Your bank account is looking a little healthier. Maybe you get to buy that video game you had your eye on? You know you’re in for a great summer ahead!

Things Start To Change

A week or two passes, however, and you start to realise something; that game you bought still remains unopened next to your gaming console. You haven’t really been doing the reading you’ve been planning. You spend most of your free-time resting or sleeping.

What has happened? Your day is taken up by this job! Oh no!

It’s okay – at least you get a few days off a week to spend your downtime as you please. Right?

Wrong! Suddenly you have this appointment, then your family drags you away to the beach, or you meet up with your friends – you just don’t have the time to do those things you wanted to do in your own time!

But It’s Not All Bad!

At least you have that relaxing hour or two before bed to catch up on your reading!

And your family is so impressed with the fact that you’ve been working all day, that they don’t ask you to do much around the house (I hope!)

And of course, this just details those of us still in school and college who don’t have to work nine-to-five all year round. To the poor geeky souls who have been unleashed into the big bad world: I salute you!

Working or not, let’s raise a glass to a summer well done!