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5 Of The Best Fantasy Battles 

5 Of The Best Fantasy Battles 


When it comes to battles, nothing says epic like a fantasy battle. Sci-Fi battles are wonderful but there is just some I prefer about battles that use swords, axes, war hammers, archers and more heavy-duty projectiles.

It always feels more intense to me. Anyone can fire a shot but it takes real skill to wield a weapon and use it efficiently when surrounded by enemies.

Battle of the Bastards – Game of Thrones:

This glorious bloodbath had me on the edge of my seat. I’ve watched countless shows with “battles” but this made me cringe, gag, clap and shout like a blood thirsty lunatic. It probably helps that I am super invested in Game of Thrones but nonetheless it left me speechless.

From the get go I was tense and brimming with excitement. The previous episodes had worked so well at building up the atmosphere that I could not help but be excited. I didn’t know I could possibly hate Ramsay Bolton but the stand-off at the beginning managed to make me do so.

The cinematography was perfect, the wide shots, the close-ups and all the shots in between were fantastic. The lighting was excellent and so fitting for what was to come. The not so vibrant colours added to the visuals in a wonderful way. The attention to detail on the facial expressions on people’s faces and the sounds of clashing metal, made it feel so real. I know I wouldn’t last 5 minutes on such a battlefield but it made my heart race all the same. It was truly magnificent.


Battle of Hogwarts – Harry Potter

Truth be told I much prefer the book to the movie version because it had so much more going on but I still loved the movie version.

In the books there were elves, thestrals, Grawp and other creatures taking part. The fact that they left Kreacher and the Army of House Elves out of the final battle vexed me. Kreacher was made to seem like a horrible elf when he actually respected Harry and was the only connection to Sirius he had left. Hagrid had a bigger role in the upcoming battle too but details were omitted from the movie which was a shame but understandable. It would have been an extremely long movie with a long battle scene if all the parts from the book had been included.

I loved how the battle turned out in the end however because it worked well. It showed member of the Order, teachers and students working together to defend a place that was important to all of them. There were so many different objectives during the battle itself. Seeing it on-screen like that made me feel like I was reading it all over again however it broke my heart seeing all of the casualties that followed. Fred, Tonks, Remus, Moody and countless others.

The wizarding world had only experienced something like this once before and this wasn’t like other wars or battles where only the adults fought. Students rose up to the occasion, fought and paid the price along side everyone else..


Battle of Minas Tirith – Lord of the Rings

I absolutely loved this movie as a whole. There were plenty of battles in this but the one at  Minas Tirith and on the Pelenor fields was epic.

Not only were the Rohirrim outnumbered by the Orcs of Mordor and the Haradim with their Mûmakil. The sheer number of people participating was staggering. Éowyn won this for me. She went against everything that was expected of her and rode into battle with Merry on horseback. Not only did she survive she destroyed the Witch King. Some have called her a Mary Sue because of that but I honestly couldn’t care less. The trilogies depicted people as they should be shown, with varying levels of courage and strength. The women in it were no exception and I loved that.

Another scene from this battle that I loved was Aragorn arriving with ships full of ghosts. Without the ghosts the Battle at Minas Tirith would have been lost. Last minute help always be the answer in any LOTR movie.

It was difficult to decide which battle I preferred. The trilogy had so many battles that were just amazing. The Battle of Helmsdeep nearly took the top spot out of all the LOTR battles.


 Battle of the Blackwater – Game of Thrones

It was the first battle from Game of Thrones that stuck with me. Yes there was some fighting on the shores between the King’s Landing forces and the armies of Stannis Baratheon but to call it a battle seems a tad bit unfair to me though it felt more like massacre. Although after the use of the wildfire in the Bay the playing field became a bit lopsided but all is fair in love and war.

The main reason I love this battle is because it showed a depth to Tyrion that we haven’t seen. He was willing to do what he thought was necessary to protect his home. Which unfortunately meant burning hundreds of men alive. It also showed a part of Stannis that we had all come to know too. Stannis would do anything he can to gain his rightful place as king.

It pales in comparison to the Battle of the Bastards but it was pretty amazing.


Battle of Beruna – The Chronicles of Narnia 

As a kid I loved the The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe by C. S. Lewis. It was just one of those books that made everyday things so magical for me and as a result I spent a lot of time in the wardrobe. When the movies were announced I was delighted and I watch all of them. However the part I remember the most is the Battle of Beruna that took place after the end of the long winter.

The excessive use of CGI should have put me off but there was something so sweet about it. It wasn’t harrowing or gory. It was done in a way that suited the story and for that I was grateful.

There have been countless battles fought in Fantasy movies but some made a more lasting impact than others.

Let us know what you think? What battle made  a lastly impression? Do you prefer Sci-Fi battles? Let us know in the comments below.